Let’s Dig In! {1 Peter Chaper 1}

I’m super stoked about sharing with you some great insights and encouragement from the book of 1 Peter this week!

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Open up your hands

My inner control freak was beheaded last night. All because of a completely generous and selfless act of kindness from our 6-year-old. Thank you, Jesus, for these moments… We so desperately need them. Kendyl needed a haircut. It has grown like wildfire over the last year and it needed some weight cut off. Florida isContinue reading “Open up your hands”

Pick Up Your Cross

Following God isn’t easy. Woah now, slam on the air brakes. You thought when you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior that you’d get a mansion on Easy Street? Somebody somewhere lied to you. Pulling out of my grandparents’ house today was pretty emotional. We stayed almost a week for Christmas and it wasContinue reading “Pick Up Your Cross”