If you know me, you know being speechless is not a common struggle for me.  Well, sometimes God just completely blows you away and you’re left with your mouth gaping wide open. My mind has been blown.  And before I could regain my composure, BOOM.  Mind blown.  Again.  And Again.  Is this normalContinue reading “#GodisAwesome”

Can you hear me now?

: The cold shoulder is the worst. Especially when you have no idea why the other person refuses to utter even the slightest grunt in your direction. There’s no long intro here. Let’s cut straight to the chase. Sometimes we struggle hearing from God. It’s like the phone line has been cut and the dialContinue reading “Can you hear me now?”

Strength for the Journey

You know, this past year has been a crazy one.  We’ve struggled with quite the chaotic season of sickness that began the day after we planted our butts in Clearwater, Florida.  I asked the other day at the pediatrician’s office if I could get a printout of all the times we’ve been there this pastContinue reading “Strength for the Journey”

Worth the Wait!

Do you struggle with waiting on God?  I’ll go first… YES.  I do..   I’m horrible at it actually.  God has taught me lately the fruit that comes from waiting on Him.  Doors are opening that I thought were light years away!  Doing a praise dance today!  God is sooooo good!   Share with someone ifContinue reading “Worth the Wait!”