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Step Into the Light

Light and darkness cannot coexist. Either there is total darkness without the presence of light, or there is light overtaking the darkness. 

Think about it. Your bedroom is pitch black because all lights are off. When you turn on a lamp or flip a light switch – instant light! The darkness can no longer remain when there is light. 

The Light (Jesus Christ) will always illuminate the darkness. Darkness can’t stand in the presence of the light. Demons flee and Satan trembles at the presence of God Almighty! All of hell thought they had this thing in the bag when Jesus was crucified and hung lifeless on the cross, BUT GOD had other plans!! 

For years I found myself wallowing in sin.  I had convinced myself that because no one knew about these dark places, I was fine and there would be no consequences.  The enemy is a pretty strategic guy, isn’t he?  

This double life we lead with perfectly placed masks leads to destruction.  It may not happen immediately but ultimately leads us into places we never intended on placing our feet.   

Our only hope is to allow the Light to illuminate the darkness in our lives.   


Matthew 6:24 says, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” 

Take out the word “money” and exchange it for whatever has gripped you and held you in bondage.


“You cannot serve both God and porn.”  
“You cannot serve both God and alcohol.
“You cannot not serve both God and fear.” 
“You cannot serve both God and darkness.

“You cannot serve both God and ________.”

God sent His only son, Jesus, so we could be rescued from our sin and walk in the light.  We are not left without hope!  

God foreknew our failure yet He preplanned a promise.  
And that promise is woven so beautifully throughout scripture.   The reality of redemption is so real and tangible, we must just grab hold of it!  

Fling open those spiritual shades in your life and let the Light come in to overcome the darkness. If you wallow in the darkness, it will overtake you. But if you allow the Light of Christ and the Word of God to illuminate those dark places, you will find unfathomable, unshakable hope! 

I encourage you today to check out “Forever” by Kari Jobe.  We will overcome!! 

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Live Life Unscripted, 

❤ Brittany 


Big Dreamin’ – How God can turn a “hot mess” into a beautiful message. <3

I’m a hot mess. Even on my better days. But you know what makes me happy all over? The fact that God looks past OUR best and focuses on HIS best for us. He sees our full potential when we are struggling to see even a small part of the puzzle.

I don’t remember my dreams. Seriously guys, they’re usually the result of eating some weird combination of junk food before bed. So they’re totally random or I don’t remember them.

Not these dreams though. These have been more like visions. I’ve only experienced 4 of them, but I will never forget them. They were so vivid and detailed.  You need to know up front that my life verse is Jeremiah 29:11.  “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  God knew the plan long before you were planned. 


Here’s an inside look:

Dream 1 – I was standing on stage. Tons of people in the audience. Lights glaring. But it was black and white and muted. Kinda odd, huh? I thought so too. I wrote it off. I’m a youth pastor’s wife. I was probably just announcing a speaker or praise team. Back to sleep..

Dream 2 – Full color, extremely detailed. I saw my outfit down to the jewelry and shoes I was sporting on stage. I was speaking. I. Was. Speaking. Oh my Lord, you’ve got the wrong girl. There’s no way that will ever be me. Can I wake up now??

Dream 3 – Ok, I’m sensing a pattern here. Full color, fully detailed, me speaking. Again. I was on stage. I had the mic. Me. I wasn’t announcing anyone. I was the speaker. Ok God, are you saying you want ME to speak for you? Are you sure you’ve got the right person? Have you prayed about this, Lord?

Dream 4 – This was the most recent and most detailed. I was laying in bed with the kids silently praying about our upcoming woman’s conference. God, what is the message you want shared? Who do you want to be involved? You know how sometimes you pray and pray and pray some more and wait a while to hear God’s answer? Not this time. It was instant. Yes. Instant. He gave me the theme and a few pieces of the puzzle. It was almost like an out of body experience (don’t get all weird on me.) There I was, pacing back and forth at church with the mic firmly gripped in my hand. Passionately proclaiming the Word of God. Oooook God, I hear you. Loud and clear. I’ll stop being stubborn. I’ll do this for you, even if it means doing it afraid.

Has God given you a dream? A plan? An idea that you just can’t shake?

Could it be that it’s His perfect plan for your life?

Fast forward. Present time. February 11th, 10:49am, 55 degrees, Trenton, FL. I just got off the phone with a woman who believes God has a divine plan for my life. And what’s crazy? She’s asked me to speak at her woman’s conference.

Fear Not

What’s the topic, you ask? FEAR. Yep. Fear. F-E-A-R. The thing that’s been holding me back. I’ve been afraid to step out. For various reasons, really. My past, my failures, my age..

God is up to something. And if we will step out of our fear and exercise our faith – beautiful things happen.

A woman was healed from a 12-year blood disease in an instant because she stepped beyond fear and grabbed the hem of Jesus’ clothes by faith. A man was healed because his friends weren’t afraid to tear the roof off the place where The Healer was teaching and lower their friend in faith to reach Him. The sun stood still for man named Joshua because he wasn’t afraid a to pray an impossible looking prayer of faith to a God who answered him.

If we want to see God move in a mighty way, we can’t let fear paralyze us. Faith stomps on fear. Faith eats fear for lunch.

And faith causes us to say “Yes, Lord” when someone asks us to share our story at a woman’s conference. About fear. Ohh yes, baby, yes. Only God can do these things. ❤

I’m so humbled, y’all. I’m just a small town girl who serves a big God. A 26-year-old who is ready to leave the past – the ugly, jagged past – behind her and step out in faith. As scary and messy as it looks, I refuse to let fear hold me back. I nailed that to the cross at the last conference.

Saying “yes” when it’s scary precedes big victories in the kingdom of God. Ask Rahab. Moses. Peter. Paul.

Ask Jesus.

All I can say is, GET READY! God is up to something and He wants to use YOU to reach people. Right where you are, right where you’ve been. He wants to turn your mess into a message. Because who knows this place like you do? You’re familiar with the struggles, fears and doubts. God wants to use you, beautiful. He really, really wants to use – y.o.u.

Can we place our faith in the hands of The Potter? Let’s do this together.

Have you stepped out in faith? I’d love to hear your story!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

How will this be?

 You know how us women are. We’re about as good at thinking about things as we are at talking about them. We over think things. We think up one side and down the other. And then we think it through some more.

I’ve been thinking. And tonight my mind has wandered to Mary. Could you imagine the shock factor of an angel appearing to her and announcing her soon to be pregnancy? That she has favor with The Lord and He is going to send His Son Jesus into her womb to bake for 9 months, then be the Savior of the world. W.O.W. #mindblown


Photo Credit – The Bible Series

Take a moment to dig into Luke 1:26-38. Her question to the angel makes me smile. “How will this be?” Isn’t that just like a woman? We hear the details, but we need all that extra juicy info. I love her.

Imagine with me those next few months. I imagine she had a lot of time to think. I believe she probably doubted herself. “Why me, Lord? Are you sure you picked the right girl?”

I think she had to have been pretty stoked too. “I can’t believe this! God chose me of all women to carry His Son?!”

I imagine there had to have been some fearful moments. Some astonished tears of joy when she felt those first few kicks from this living, breathing plan of God growing inside of her.

There’s nothing like watching the plan of God unfold in your life. There’s so many emotions. Such excitement! So overwhelming. But here was this young girl who had never been with a man who was about to be an incredibly big part of an amazing plan of redemption.

That’s a lot to think about.

angel and shepherds

When the shepherds finally caught their breath and shared what the angels had told to them in the nearby fields, Mary got to thinking again. Everyone was amazed at the shepherds’ experience with the angels, but Mary treasured these things and pondered them in her heart (Luke 2:19).

How will this be?

A short time later, Jesus was to be presented in the temple. Simeon, a righteous and devout man, was filled with the Holy Spirit and shared with Mary and Joseph how his life was complete now laying His eyes on Jesus. He shared many things that were revealed to him, leaving them once again marveled. (Luke 2:21-35)

How will this be?

Fast forward 12 years later as the family of Jesus packs their bags, leaves the Feast of Passover and heads home, totally unaware their Son is missing.

You know, the drill. “Oh, aunt Rachel has him. No, uncle John took him. No, he went with cousin Anna….” Then sheer panic sets in and everyone is tearing the place apart to find the kid now hiding in the clothes racks.

In case you needed a reminder.. #thestruggleisreal

In case you needed a reminder.. #thestruggleisreal

After a 3 day search, they found him in the temple in Jerusalem sitting among teachers. Listening. Asking them questions. Mary replays the scene in her mind again. And again, she treasured all these things in her heart. (Like 2:41-51)

Did Mary know? Did she know all the things her Son would grow in The Lord and do? Did she fully comprehend the magnitude of what the angel of The Lord was telling her? Did she know the child she nursed and rocked to sleep would be the One to deliver and redeem the world?

We could sit and discuss this for hours. Mary, Did You Know is one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs. Partly because as a woman and a mom, I wonder those things. I wonder if she knew about the road ahead of her.

Her question to the angel comes alive for me, because I too have asked the same question. Sooooo many times.  Maybe, just maybe.. You’ve asked the same thing too.

How will this be?


God had placed such an incredible, one-of-a-kind plan within her. One that only birth could release.

And He has done the same thing in our lives. Jeremiah 29:11 says He has a plan and purpose for our life. It says in Jeremiah 1:5 that before He formed us in our mother’s womb, He knew us.

The blueprint is already there. The plans have been drawn out. The question is – will we sit idly by waiting for the rest of the picture to surface or will we proceed with what we DO know?

Mary had an option. To either worry herself ragged with all the pieces that didn’t quite fit yet, or walk by faith trusting the Great I Am who carefully held it all together.

Time is short, my sweet friend. We need to make the most of it. This Christmas season, my prayer is that you walk boldly into the unknown. Trust God with everything within you and do what He had called you to do.

It doesn’t mean you’re going to hear an audible voice saying, “BEHOLD! Go now.. Your destiny awaits you!” Wouldn’t that be nice. But that wouldn’t require much faith now, would it?


But if you are grounding yourself in the Word of God and spending time regularly in prayer, you will feel the Holy Spirit leading you. He will reveal it to you as the time is right. Little by little. And baby, treasure up all these things in your heart.

So before you ask, “How will this be?” Trust in The Lord and wait and see! Great things are coming!

I want to leave you with this awesome video today.  I can hardly contain myself watching this.  Be blessed this week!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

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Are you breathing?

If you’re reading this right now it means several things.

1 – You’re breathing. {Thank you, Captain Obvious.}

2 – Your heart is beating. {Captain Obvious strikes again.}

3 – You’re searching for something. {Pics of a friend’s newborn baby, keeping up with family that lives in another state, encouragement from a ministry you follow, something to make you laugh.. Searching..}

And last but not least,

4 – You are a living, breathing part of God’s plan TODAY. {*taps mic* Is this thing on? }


There is a reason God allowed your eyes to open this morning when that dreaded alarm clock buzzed you right out of those warm, cozy blankets.

I don’t know who this is for this morning, but God isn’t finished with you yet. You may feel washed up, inadequate, used, frustrated, and completely poured out.

Go back to your knees, beautiful. That’s the ultimate source of our strength.

His strength is made perfect in our weakness. If we never experienced moments of weakness, we may never realize our desperate need of a Savior.

When you feel less than enough, Jesus Christ is more than enough. And He has a pretty amazing plan for your life. Don’t miss it!


Whoever you are today, wherever you find yourself, rest in this precious scripture.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

God’s not dead, y’all. And until you take your last breath, He isn’t finished with you. Embrace those moments of weakness and realize your need for a God who loves you. {Here’s a secret – Shhhh… He even loves walking with you through your mess.}

Do you feel discouraged today? I’d love to pray with you!

Live Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany

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