Don’t Hide Your Gift <3

Since the beginning of time, God has been in the fixer upper business. He doesn’t generally pick those in the front of the line.  He’s known for patiently waiting on those the world overlooks.  The rejected, despised, “too young,” “too old,” inexperienced newbies.  He takes the ones who are picked last in gym class and brings themContinue reading “Don’t Hide Your Gift <3”

New Beginnings! <3

What a fabulous Monday it has been here in Clearwater, Florida! Wow, hard to believe that’s the last time I’ll be saying that. Oh no, this picture isn’t today. I wish. It’s been pouring rain and this mama has spent the day cuddled up with a sick little guy who is pretty adamant about wearingContinue reading “New Beginnings! <3”


    If you know me, you know being speechless is not a common struggle for me.  Well, sometimes God just completely blows you away and you’re left with your mouth gaping wide open. My mind has been blown.  And before I could regain my composure, BOOM.  Mind blown.  Again.  And Again.  Is this normalContinue reading “#GodisAwesome”