A gift from me and Starbucks <3

You guys have stolen my heart. That being said, I’d love to reward one of you with a Starbucks gift card! I’ve partnered with Rafflecopter to make this happen. You have until Tuesday, August 5th to enter to win! Good luck!   P.S.  I think I linked this right.. lol Click the blue link below. Continue reading “A gift from me and Starbucks <3”

Ode to Mothers

I wrote this poem last year but decided to put them with two of my favorite pics of me and my sweet kiddos.  These are treasured memories for sure!  This is my heart and soul all wrapped up right here.  ❤  I pray that you’re blessed this Mother’s Day weekend!  Feel free to share these.Continue reading “Ode to Mothers”

Jesus Prays Too!

  Being out of town this last week, I’ll be honest – I’ve picked up my bible maybe once. Papa encouraged me to read Psalms chapter 18, so without hesitation I jumped in and read it. One thing is for sure, when you’re hungry physically, you’re grumpy, impatient with people and feeling those hunger pains.Continue reading “Jesus Prays Too!”

The Letter I Wish I Read

Dear _______________(insert name here), Life is a roller coaster, isn’t it? Things are going great and then whoosh! A 200 foot drop that takes your breath away followed by a corkscrew in the opposite direction. And there’s so many things that battle for your immediate attention. School. Friends. Boys. Dates. Jobs. Projects. Hobbies. Music. Movies.Continue reading “The Letter I Wish I Read”

A Penny For Your Thoughts…

Happy Valentines Day! ❤ Do you feel loved? The truth is, you are loved more than you could ever imagine by someone pretty incredible who just so happens to think you're pretty amazing yourself. You are cherished and thought of every moment of every day. It doesn't matter if your man sent you flowers andContinue reading “A Penny For Your Thoughts…”

Pick Up Your Cross

Following God isn’t easy. Woah now, slam on the air brakes. You thought when you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior that you’d get a mansion on Easy Street? Somebody somewhere lied to you. Pulling out of my grandparents’ house today was pretty emotional. We stayed almost a week for Christmas and it wasContinue reading “Pick Up Your Cross”