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Men will fail you, but GOD never will! {Special Guest Post – Cheryl Von Eime}


I’m excited to introduce to you my friend, Cheryl, a first time contributor here!  It’s such an honor to have her with us today!  She has followed  my writing for a long time.  ❤  A pastor’s wife, Premiere Jewelry consultant, and prayer warrior, this woman is ready to rock and roll today!

You ready to dig in?



In these first 3 verses, David is reminding us of all the blessings God has promised to those who regard (care for) the weak. Now this weak means poor, broken, sick, those in the ditch, those that everyone rejects – yeah, that one! This is where we sometimes miss the mark. Do we pick up the wounded and weary, or do we walk by and leave them in the ditch? God says He’ll give back to you what you give.

In verses 4-9, David begs for mercy. All his enemies slander him and even his closest friend had betrayed him. Ever been there? Psalm 55:12 says, “if an enemy were insulting me, I could endure it; if a foe were rising against me, I could hide. 13 But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, my close friend with whom I one enjoyed sweet fellowship….”  Let me say, the pain of betrayal is excruciating.  Man will fail you, but GOD NEVER WILL! And because of Him, the enemy will not triumph over you. Praise be to God!

How many of us have yearned for God in the midst of distress? In the darkest days of my life, I, like David in vs 1-4 cried out to God day and night. My tears flowed constantly.  I sought Him with everything in me. I was mourning a great loss.  But GOD heard my every cry. Did you know He bottles our tears? And He came to my rescue! Amen!

David was grieving because he had lost the freedom of corporate worship. Like us, he was looking back at what he had. He remembered going to the house of God and praising and worshipping with friends and family.  His heart was broken, his friends gone, and he couldn’t go home. It was too much.  All his troubles were crashing in on Him. He was looking back, looking back at what he lost.

Sometimes we spend so much time looking at what we had that we miss what God has for us in the future. But then, in the deepest part of His spirit, David remembers the God he serves, “I will praise Him!” He said, “why am I so down? My hope is in my God, He is my Rock.” Hallelujah!

So Lord, we thank You that in our most desperate times, we can call out to You and you hear us and have mercy on us. You rescue us from our enemies and restore us. Hallelujah!


Cheryl has such an incredible testimony of how God can redeem what the enemy has stolen from us!

Like she said, it’s easy to look back at what we had versus what’s ahead of us.   But perhaps this is why the front windshield is larger than the rear view mirror on a car.  We have to keep looking forward.  Don’t let the enemy keep you replaying the past.  Keep moving forward. 

I want to close out this post today with “Moving Forward” by Israel Houghton.  Let’s keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward! ❤

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

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God has a pretty sweet view from up there. Psalms 9-10 <3

What an exciting week!  It’s such a joy to have to many incredible women of God sharing their hearts on these chapters in the book of Psalms.

I pray you are as fired up about this new year as I am!  Let’s commit to letting our roots anchor deep in the Word of God in 2015!

Ready to dig in on this Marvelous Monday?

Chapter Nine:


❤ Vs. 1, 11, 14: Praise is one of our greatest weapons in times of trouble. It feels normal to praise Him when the battle is over, but we should praise our way through the storm too! Number one, it confuses the enemy! In biblical times, the worshipers went before the army. They ushered in the presence of the Lord before they raised their swords to battle. They understood the importance of praising their way into battle. Praise brings glory to God and hope to the hurting!

❤ Vs. 4, 9-10: God is our refuge and our safe place. When we are living for Him, we are being upheld by His grace. Our plans will flourish when they’re firmly rooted in His will. He’s never going to leave us. He’s never going to turn His back on us.

❤ Vs. 15, 20: We are nothing without God. Mere mice in a cage full of hungry lions. Yet many times we butter ourselves up and run into the cage. When we try to take God out of the equation, things simply don’t add up. We have removed all hope and are asking to fail. We are removing His hand of protection and are asking for trouble.

Chapter Ten:

false hope

❤ Vs. 3-6: When we have it all, it’s hard to feel the “need” for God. Things are going great, money is flowing freely, health is picture perfect.. We’re comfy in our kingdom of false hope. Be very careful when things are going well. It very well could be a carefully thought out trap from the enemy. And it can all be taken away in the blink of an eye.

❤ Vs. 11-14: God sees all, knows all. The good, the bad and the oh so ugly. He sees the the tears that saturate your pillowcase, the way your face lights up when your kids throw their arms around your neck, and the moments we have carefully kept from everyone else. Nothing escapes His sight. He’s got a pretty sweet view from up there. That can be so comforting or completely terrifying, depending on where you find yourself today. As long as you woke up with a pulse this morning, it’s not too late to put your trust in God. There is nothing more freeing than surrendering your life to Christ!

What jumped off the pages at you in Psalms 9-10 today?  I’d love to hear from you!  Jump in the discussion below of here on my facebook page!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

Dare to Compare

I’ve really tried to be a regular blogger. Really, I have.

And then life happens. I miss a few days. Then a few days turns into a week and a half. Then come the questions. And comparisons.


I’ve felt the pressure. The expectations. I’ve questioned myself. More than you know..

How often should I post? What topics should I write about? What’s the best time of day to post? Why can’t I be more like “her” or “this blog” or “that blog”?

I’m not sure about you, but I’ll shamefully admit that I’m great at comparing myself to others.

Comparing my cooking skills. My messy house. Photography. Marriage. Ability to accessorize. Confidence. Writing. Speaking. And most of all.. Mothering.

There will always be someone better. Someone with more experience.


But there will never be another YOU.

Comparison is such a devious tool the enemy uses against us. Especially against women.

You’ve heard the conversations. Thought the thoughts.

“Have you seen her dress?” “Can you believe how many extracurricular activities her kids are in?” “Well they just shop all the time don’t they?”

Compare, compare, despair.

It’s a vicious cycle and must be broken. ASAP.

So here I am. Flinging the curtains open wide to expose some ugliness. Again. {Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy being this transparent.}

I struggle with comparison. Like, baaaaad bad.

Am I a good enough wife? “She” works full time and helps provide for her family. I’m “just” a stay at home mom who can’t keep a clean house…

Do my kids think I’m a good enough mom? “She” has her kids memorizing scriptures, doing the coolest DIY projects and throws birthday parties to die for. I can barely remember to bathe them daily, I suck at most DIY projects and party planning. I’ll never measure up…

See the pattern here? It trips us up. It’s pretty self-destructive. And must be muzzled and discarded immediately before it’s roots dig down deep.


Over the next week or so, I’m letting the walls down. I don’t live the “perfect life” with the “perfect family” with the white picket fence. We do life messy and loud. Almost always.

But one thing has hit me hard – God hasn’t called me to reach everyone, but He has called me to reach someone.

And I so desperately need Him to show me when to say yes wholeheartedly and when to politely say no. I’m so tired of giving the people I love the most my leftover time.

We can’t be 100% in 100 different areas. It’s just not possible. And the comparisons. must. stop.

So over the next week or so, I’m letting you into my heart. Your comments are welcome, but please be gentle. I’m still a work in progress. And I’m wiling to admit – I’m ready to trade perfection for progress.


What about you? Do you struggle with comparison? Do you feel you measure up? Have you set unrealistic expectations for yourself?

Chime in below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Live Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany

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