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A Kids Eye View

They drive me nuts, keep my on my knees and make me smile from ear to ear.

You called it. My kids are my w.o.r.l.d.

They don’t miss a beat, that’s for sure. Nothing escapes their view. They’ve got to know how it works, why it does that and how long before the next sugar-filled holiday celebration.

So the other day I go to snap a cute pic of my littles and I’m alerted that my phone memory is full. What?? Not cool. Not cool, man. I open up my pics and see I have around 1,000 images. Blury, fuzzy, kid’s eye view shots taken after church last week by a variety of little fingers.

There were fuzzy up close pictures of kids’ noses, adults size 8 shoes, back of heads, walls, and smiling faces. A kid’s-eye view of “Jesus’ house,” as our 3-year-old cutie calls it.

IMG_9578 IMG_9577

It got me thinking. I know, here we are again in the mind of a crazy, sleep-deprived mom. Enter at your own risk.

We teach our kids more than we realize. This can be equally humbling and scary.

I’ve mentioned before that we teach them how to respond to situations by the way we ourselves respond. A car pulls out in front of us and we start ranting and raving about the where the idiot got their driver’s license. Our mini-me in the backseat takes notice and jots down a mental note on how to act when we don’t like how something goes down.

But have we ever thought that we teach our kids how to relate to God?

When Kendyl was barely 2-years-old, she watched us in church. If Mommy or Daddy raised our arms in worship, up went that precious little arm stretched up towards heaven. If someone shouted out a “hallelujah!” during service, our little curly-headed princess would follow suite.

Our kids see how we respond to the Holy Spirit. They are silently observing how we plop down in our seats with arms firmly folded, refusing to budge. Our kids watch us put on masks that signal that all is well even though we’re dying inside.

teach our kids

A kid’s-eye view.

What are our kids witnessing in our lives?

Are we teaching them to show loving reverence to a Holy God? Or are we educating them on how to endure an hour a week listening to a man tickle our ears and walk out the same way we came in?

Children are often the product of their raising. If we show passionate pursuit of our Savior and gratitude for our blessings, it’s likely our children will mirror those beautiful traits. Oh what priceless gifts to give our children.

So the loaded question – What is the worth of the cross you are carrying?

So I do not run aimlessly; I do not box as one beating the air. But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.” 1 Corinthians 9:26-27

To me, it’s priceless. It can’t be carried halfheartedly. It’s all or nothing. You see, I know what it’s like to run from God. I remember where God found me and how He reached way down to pull me out of my self-created pit. I know the call Jonah received from God had to be pretty intimidating when the opposite direction looked so appealing. The world appears to have it all laid out on a silver platter. It’s not easy going against the flow. It’s so much easier sticking with the crowd.

But what if that’s why we’re here? To stand out? To pursue something so incredible, so completely life changing that shakes us to our very core. It causes us to take a self inventory. It makes us question if we’re taking this thing seriously or if we are just checking some moral obligation off our to-do list because it makes us feel better.

What is the worth of the cross you are carrying?

I don’t know about you, but I want to leave a legacy. I want to grow old and know that I have raised God-fearing, God-serving, people reaching, giving, kind hearted children who boldly walk out their faith. Not just WWJD wearing kids sporting religious t-shirts.

Godly little men and women who know their God is the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God who still works miracles. The God who split the Red Sea for Moses and the one who sustains life when the doctor said to pull the plug.

our god is awesome

I’m praying that we can carry our cross in such a way that our children are inspired to chase this thing with everything within them. Let’s finish this race well – not being satisfied with just sliding by. Let’s go the extra mile. Love when it hurts, give when it’s almost gone. Life well, love well.

Little ones are watching.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have your kids surprised you at how much they can be little sponges? What’s something your kids have said that has blown your mind? Have they copied behavior that has brought you to your knees? I know mine have!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany


Fight for your VOICE! <3


We’re kicking it old school today.  You remember The Little Mermaid, right?  All those who were raised in the 90s or raised kids in the 90s said… YEAH!  🙂

Ariel had a problem.  She wasn’t satisfied.  She always wanted more.  Her gidgets and gadgets satisfied only for a short while, so she decided to make a bargain of a lifetime with an evil sea witch.image

She traded her voice for temporary satisfaction.  IF she could score true love’s kiss by sunset on the 3rd day, she was set.  Legs forever and no more fishy fins.  If not, then she was a fish out of water.  To be Ursula’s captive.  F.o.r.e.v.e.r.

Have you found yourself in a fishy situation?  Many times we are faced with a choice.  God’s way vs. our way.  What’s totally awesome is when these two intersect and become one.  When it’s detrimental is when we see God’s way as a hindrance to our way.

Don’t trade your voice for anything, sweet friend.  It’s not worth it.   You won’t be happy until you’re walking the path God has divinely prepared for you and doing the things He has created you to do. 

I unfortunately traded my “voice” back in high school for temporary pleasure.  I did what felt good and cared less about eh consequences.  Until I ruined my reputation.  And was called a hypocrite.  All because I wanted more and I didn’t know that more could really hurt me.

I pray you’re encouraged as you watch this brief video.  My heart has been burning with this message for days now. { If you’re reading this in an email, please click here. }

Do you remember a time when you felt your voice was at stake? 

Struggle to revive your influence? 

Lay it down at the feet of Jesus.  Practice surrender daily.  This walk with The Lord is a marathon, not a sprint.  And when you fall flat on your face, ask forgiveness and get back up.  Fight for your voice.  Fight to maintain your influence on others around you.  They’re watching you.  ❤

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

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Men will fail you, but GOD never will! {Special Guest Post – Cheryl Von Eime}


I’m excited to introduce to you my friend, Cheryl, a first time contributor here!  It’s such an honor to have her with us today!  She has followed  my writing for a long time.  ❤  A pastor’s wife, Premiere Jewelry consultant, and prayer warrior, this woman is ready to rock and roll today!

You ready to dig in?



In these first 3 verses, David is reminding us of all the blessings God has promised to those who regard (care for) the weak. Now this weak means poor, broken, sick, those in the ditch, those that everyone rejects – yeah, that one! This is where we sometimes miss the mark. Do we pick up the wounded and weary, or do we walk by and leave them in the ditch? God says He’ll give back to you what you give.

In verses 4-9, David begs for mercy. All his enemies slander him and even his closest friend had betrayed him. Ever been there? Psalm 55:12 says, “if an enemy were insulting me, I could endure it; if a foe were rising against me, I could hide. 13 But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, my close friend with whom I one enjoyed sweet fellowship….”  Let me say, the pain of betrayal is excruciating.  Man will fail you, but GOD NEVER WILL! And because of Him, the enemy will not triumph over you. Praise be to God!

How many of us have yearned for God in the midst of distress? In the darkest days of my life, I, like David in vs 1-4 cried out to God day and night. My tears flowed constantly.  I sought Him with everything in me. I was mourning a great loss.  But GOD heard my every cry. Did you know He bottles our tears? And He came to my rescue! Amen!

David was grieving because he had lost the freedom of corporate worship. Like us, he was looking back at what he had. He remembered going to the house of God and praising and worshipping with friends and family.  His heart was broken, his friends gone, and he couldn’t go home. It was too much.  All his troubles were crashing in on Him. He was looking back, looking back at what he lost.

Sometimes we spend so much time looking at what we had that we miss what God has for us in the future. But then, in the deepest part of His spirit, David remembers the God he serves, “I will praise Him!” He said, “why am I so down? My hope is in my God, He is my Rock.” Hallelujah!

So Lord, we thank You that in our most desperate times, we can call out to You and you hear us and have mercy on us. You rescue us from our enemies and restore us. Hallelujah!


Cheryl has such an incredible testimony of how God can redeem what the enemy has stolen from us!

Like she said, it’s easy to look back at what we had versus what’s ahead of us.   But perhaps this is why the front windshield is larger than the rear view mirror on a car.  We have to keep looking forward.  Don’t let the enemy keep you replaying the past.  Keep moving forward. 

I want to close out this post today with “Moving Forward” by Israel Houghton.  Let’s keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward! ❤

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

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Name, please? {Guest Post from Tina Levene – Psalms 17-18}

I apologize for being a day late on this one!  Today’s will actually be posted sometime tomorrow.  Weekends get crazy for us.  I helped chaperone this awesome group of kids at Winterjam yesterday!  It’s such an awesome experience being in an area full of thousands of people worshipping the King of kings!  ❤  I definitely recommend it if there is one in your area.  You can find tour dates and locations at !

winterjam 2015

I’m so pleased to introduced to you a good friend of mine who is sharing her heart on Psalms 17-18!  Tine Levene is a Christian author and comedian in the Tampa Bay area and can be frequently found ministering to women of all walks of life.  Please check out her ministry at here at .  Her new book, “Let Your Forgiveness Become Your Freedom,” is available for pre-order on her website!

—————– Guest Post Tina Levene – Psalms 17-18 ———————-

Have you noticed lately that almost every coffee or food establishment asks for your name after you order?

You stand in line waiting with much anticipation, maybe you are holding a flashing buzzer thing that will vibrate when your order is ready?  Or maybe you are just waiting for that call of your name so you feel unique and special as if you are a long time friend of the chef or barrista.

God does not give us a buzzer to hold with anticipation but He does call out your name.  Do you hear Him?  Have you anticipated such a calling?  Are you as excited to receive God’s calling as you were to get your hands on your white chocolate mocha with caramel drink?

In Psalm 17, it speaks about how the Lord will hear our cry, He will answer when we call out for Him and His hand will protect us.  Do you believe God protects you?  Maybe God allowed an annoying event to happen to protect you today but you were so focused on your life not going as YOU planned that you missed the miracle.  God hears our cries for help, repentance and most of all, our requests in the form of prayers.

In Psalm 18, the song of praise is what I like to call it.  David praises God for rescuing him from his enemies.  Do you have enemies?  Anyone who does not support you?  Someone that hurts you?  This scripture reminds us that the Lord is our rock, our fortress and our deliverer.  When we cry out to God not only does He take the time to listen, He takes His energy to pull us out of deep waters.  What kind of ‘deep waters’ have you gotten yourself into today?  Do you owe someone an apology?  How does it feel to need to be rescued and pulled to safety?

he illuminates

God not only listens to our prayers and rescues us but He also repays us for our faithfulness.  He delights in us when we follow Him and His will for us.  God lights our lamps. He illuminates our darkness.  I don’t know about you but I was in a dark place recently.  God heard my cries, my prayers, rescued me and repaid me for praising Him.  And why?  Why does God do all of this for us?

I am never deserving of His mercy.  I fail God everyday.  I make mistakes after mistakes.  Psalm 18:50 …”He shows loyalty to His anointed.”  Please remember that we wait in that coffee shop line with much anticipation, hoping to hear our name called out soon and excited to engulf in our rewarding purchase.  God is waiting to hear you call out His name today.  He loves strange voices and anticipates rescuing you from your ‘deep waters’.  Will you allow Him to be your refuge, salvation and repay you back for praising Him no matter what how bad your life may be?

Blessings, Tina M. Levene
Speaker, Author & Comedian


Now it’s your turn!  What spoke to you today?  Has God been opening your eyes to something you haven’t seen before?  We would love to hear from you!  Comment below or join us on our Facebook page here!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

Special Guest Loretta Yopp! Psalms 7-8!

I’m a day late posting this one.  Sundays are hectic for us, I apologize!  It’s always current here on my Facebook page if you want to follow along there!

I’d like to introduce to you a special friend of mine.  Loretta Yopp and her husband have faithfully loved and fostered children for years, and boy does she love the Lord!  We connected several years ago when my husband and I were the youth pastors at Rocky Mount Church of God.  I know you’ll be blessed today by her encouragement!  You can find her new blog here at

—————  Loretta Yopp – Psalm 7-8 ——————–

As I think about Psalms 7 and 8… I can’t help but think how relevant that this is to God’s children this day and time. So let’s dig in to the scripture with stating off with a simple question… Have you ever been falsely accused or badly hurt and wanted revenge?

Psalm 7
 ❤ Verses 1-6  We find that David is being tested. David is being falsely accused of something that he did not do. Yet we find that David truly shows why he is considered a man after God’s own heart. Instead of looking for revenge David cried out to God for justice. He prayed instead of retaliating. So many times we try to fight people or battles within ourselves and we make it worse when God simply says “Be still and know that he is God!” How many times do we open mouth and insert foot! (For me this is often the case) Take time to read Romans 12:19 and II Chronicles 20:17 if you are in a battle. 

overcome and rewards

❤ Verses 7-13  We see that David truly understands that God is the ultimate Judge. We understand that God sees everything and there’s nothing hidden from God. God sees the heart of man and our motives and thoughts are an open book to him. We all struggle with weaknesses but if we truly follow him God he will help us overcome our weaknesses and reward our efforts.

❤ Verses 14-16  When we hold our peace and allow God to fight the battle that rages against us, evil will eventually destroy itself. But sometimes in the cross fire we do get hurt. And sometimes we don’t understand why, but I’ve come to realize that those battle scars are reminders that we overcame the battle. We may have been crushed, been broken and been knocked down but we are still standing strong. We are Victorious and an OVERCOMER!

hold our peace

❤ Verse 17 David gives us a true lesson that even in the battle we have reason to Praise the Lord… Yes, no matter how hard the battle gets don’t ever let the enemy steal your praise!!

Psalm 8

❤ Verse 1 ” O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth who hast set thy glory above the heavens!” My friend there is NO other name in heaven or on earth that is strong enough to Save, Deliver, set the captives free, heal, calm the raging storm, but yet gentle enough that can still a baby’s cry or mend a broken heart… David knew that there was something about the name of Jesus…

Verses<3 3-4 Who is this man, that we his children our on His mind… How could this man called Jesus care about me? That He would come and comfort me and talk to me… The very Creator of the heavens and earth, the very work of His hands! How amazing that is to me, just to think that I am a child of the King. He loves me and you that if we find time to be still He will come to us and speak to our hearts! The Master Designer has placed His very fingerprint on us…

Praise Him today for He inhabits the Praises of His people!!


Thank you so much, Loretta for sharing with us today! I love how you said, “He helps us to overcome our weaknesses and rewards our efforts.” He understands our humanity and He rewards our efforts, big and small, for the kingdom of God!

David got to see such a beautiful side of God. He was sheltered and protected in the midst of such treacherous storms in his life. I encourage you to read Psalms 91 today if you’re going through a storm in your own life.


God will rescue you from the hands of your enemies. He will provide. He will make a way where there seems to be no way. The doctor doesn’t have the final say. The bank doesn’t get the final word.  God is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. 

Even when the thick, heavy rain clouds are wildly blowing in around you, God will come in and watch over His babies. There’s such comfort in that, my friend. ❤

It’s time to chime in! We’d love to hear your thoughts on Psalm 7-8! Are you in a storm yourself? We would love to pray with you!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

God has a pretty sweet view from up there. Psalms 9-10 <3

What an exciting week!  It’s such a joy to have to many incredible women of God sharing their hearts on these chapters in the book of Psalms.

I pray you are as fired up about this new year as I am!  Let’s commit to letting our roots anchor deep in the Word of God in 2015!

Ready to dig in on this Marvelous Monday?

Chapter Nine:


❤ Vs. 1, 11, 14: Praise is one of our greatest weapons in times of trouble. It feels normal to praise Him when the battle is over, but we should praise our way through the storm too! Number one, it confuses the enemy! In biblical times, the worshipers went before the army. They ushered in the presence of the Lord before they raised their swords to battle. They understood the importance of praising their way into battle. Praise brings glory to God and hope to the hurting!

❤ Vs. 4, 9-10: God is our refuge and our safe place. When we are living for Him, we are being upheld by His grace. Our plans will flourish when they’re firmly rooted in His will. He’s never going to leave us. He’s never going to turn His back on us.

❤ Vs. 15, 20: We are nothing without God. Mere mice in a cage full of hungry lions. Yet many times we butter ourselves up and run into the cage. When we try to take God out of the equation, things simply don’t add up. We have removed all hope and are asking to fail. We are removing His hand of protection and are asking for trouble.

Chapter Ten:

false hope

❤ Vs. 3-6: When we have it all, it’s hard to feel the “need” for God. Things are going great, money is flowing freely, health is picture perfect.. We’re comfy in our kingdom of false hope. Be very careful when things are going well. It very well could be a carefully thought out trap from the enemy. And it can all be taken away in the blink of an eye.

❤ Vs. 11-14: God sees all, knows all. The good, the bad and the oh so ugly. He sees the the tears that saturate your pillowcase, the way your face lights up when your kids throw their arms around your neck, and the moments we have carefully kept from everyone else. Nothing escapes His sight. He’s got a pretty sweet view from up there. That can be so comforting or completely terrifying, depending on where you find yourself today. As long as you woke up with a pulse this morning, it’s not too late to put your trust in God. There is nothing more freeing than surrendering your life to Christ!

What jumped off the pages at you in Psalms 9-10 today?  I’d love to hear from you!  Jump in the discussion below of here on my facebook page!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

Give Prayer a Try

It’s easy to think about it.

It’s rolls off the tongue when we talk about it.

It completely consumes us when we worry about it.

But the question is – are we PRAYING about it?

Sometimes life’s volume button appears to get stuck. Situations seem louder than the gentle whispers of our sweet Savior. It’s so easy to {accidentally} tune the truth out, isn’t it?


We can think until our head hurts, talk until we have no voice and worry until we make ourselves sick. And then we try praying.

Are we treating prayer as a last resort? When all else fails, try praying about it?

If this is the case, oh my sweet friend, we have this thing backwards.

The bible says to “pray without ceasing” {1 Thessalonians 5:17}. It also reminds us to trust in the Lord completely and not lean on our own understanding {Proverbs 3:5}.

We can’t do this on our own. We weren’t created to carry these weighty burdens. We were designed with a need that could only be filled by the saving grace of our Savior.

Before you waste another moment thinking, a breath talking or an anxious stomach worrying – pray. Take it to your knees in prayer.

Because no matter the situation, God has not forgotten your name. He hasn’t forgotten where you are and what you are facing today.

Rest in this truth, my friend. Prayer is such a powerful connection God has given us. There is power in our words. Use them for uplifting and encouraging yourself and others who so desperately need it.

You may not be able to change the situation, BUT the greatest thing you can do is pray through it!


{This post was inspired by this simple picture from Lysa Terkeurst that popped up on my Facebook news feed.}

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Fill Up, Babe.

It is so amazing to me how God unveils life’s greatest wisdom through gentle whispers, if we will only make time to listen.

We may need to clean a little wax from our stubborn ears in order to clearly hear His voice. Maybe wipe the dust from the bible on the night stand that has longed to be picked up for so long.


We must make time for Him.

We must spend time soaking in His Word.

Even if it means we have to wake up half an hour before the kids pop their heads up. (Can I get a weary mama amen?)

We must spend time in prayer.

And then.. Then and only then..

We will hear from Him. Perhaps while drinking a pumpkin spice cappuccino.

I pray you are encouraged as you watch this brief video. Love you guys!

Fill up, babe. Your life depends on it. Others lives depend on it. Refuse to walk around empty anymore. Allow yourself to be filled by the one who can change. your. life. forever.

Ask the Samaritan woman in John 4:13-15. That’s a good “homework assignment” to leave you with tonight. Hey, I know it’s the weekend. 😉

Live Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany

Please share below how God has spoken through mind-blowing wisdom through the little things! I’d love to hear from you!

Are you breathing?

If you’re reading this right now it means several things.

1 – You’re breathing. {Thank you, Captain Obvious.}

2 – Your heart is beating. {Captain Obvious strikes again.}

3 – You’re searching for something. {Pics of a friend’s newborn baby, keeping up with family that lives in another state, encouragement from a ministry you follow, something to make you laugh.. Searching..}

And last but not least,

4 – You are a living, breathing part of God’s plan TODAY. {*taps mic* Is this thing on? }


There is a reason God allowed your eyes to open this morning when that dreaded alarm clock buzzed you right out of those warm, cozy blankets.

I don’t know who this is for this morning, but God isn’t finished with you yet. You may feel washed up, inadequate, used, frustrated, and completely poured out.

Go back to your knees, beautiful. That’s the ultimate source of our strength.

His strength is made perfect in our weakness. If we never experienced moments of weakness, we may never realize our desperate need of a Savior.

When you feel less than enough, Jesus Christ is more than enough. And He has a pretty amazing plan for your life. Don’t miss it!


Whoever you are today, wherever you find yourself, rest in this precious scripture.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

God’s not dead, y’all. And until you take your last breath, He isn’t finished with you. Embrace those moments of weakness and realize your need for a God who loves you. {Here’s a secret – Shhhh… He even loves walking with you through your mess.}

Do you feel discouraged today? I’d love to pray with you!

Live Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany

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Let’s Dig In! {1 Peter Chaper 1}

Shhh… it’s naptime. And sometimes those sweet little wild-haired cuties that call me Mom have been known to fall asleep while eating.  It’s hard not to giggle, I know.

What do they put in those fries?!

What do they put in those fries?!

I’m sorry I’m a day late posting!  I’ve been working on our church website and social media.  Feel free to check it out at .  It’s still a work in progress.  If you have any web design tips, please hit me up!  🙂

I’m super stoked about sharing with you some great insights and encouragement from the book of 1 Peter this week! I pray that if you’re not already subscribed to my free email updates, that you’ll do so to stay connected by entering your email address into the space provided to your right. It’s free and encouraging! 🙂

I want to share with you today 10 key points I have found through studying, highlighting and praying about chapter one. But before I do that, I want to give you a little brief bio on Peter and an intro to this little book of insight.


Peter was a fisherman when Jesus found him, befriended him and called out to him, “Follow me.” {Matthew 4:18-20}

Do you remember who you were when Jesus found you?

Peter became a right-hand-man to Jesus. You could say they were best friends. He watched in awe and wonder as Jesus performed many miracles throughout his ministry. He suffered greatly for following Jesus and even denied him, but later got his act together and inspired many to follow his Savior. I think we all can take notes from his life.

In chapter 1, Peter writes to God’s chosen people and describes them as being “scattered” throughout many regions. He wishes them grace and peace and goes on to share this living hope they {and we} have through the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus Christ.

1 peter 1 13

Here are 10 things I found so encouraging! Pull out those highlighters!

  1. We have a living hope in Jesus Christ! If He hadn’t risen like He said He would on the 3rd day, we wouldn’t have this living hope! He’s a promise keeper! (vs. 3)
  2. We have a protected inheritance waiting for us in Heaven! No one can touch or destroy what God has prepared for us! (vs. 4)
  3. Through faith, we are shielded by God’s power! Kay Arthur touched heavily on this one during her live simulcast Friday night. It doesn’t matter what comes our way, we are protected through faith by God’s power! Praise God! (vs. 5)
  4. We will have trials and struggles, but this refines our faith and brings glory to God! We can’t escape frustrating situations and unexplainable circumstances we are faced with, but if we maintain the right attitude and remain faithful, God will receive the glory and we may see others around us be encouraged in their journey. (vs. 6-9)
  5. Suffering always comes before glory. Jesus suffered tremendously on the cross. Unfortunately, those mere words don’t even do it justice. However, when all was said and done, He was glorified through the Father. One thing is for sure, God’s power and glory was revealed in a mighty way that day! Remember – suffering always comes before glory. (vs. 11)
  6. Everything is not about ME. That’s a shocker, isn’t it? So many times we make things all about us. Our successes, our struggles, our pity parties. If we would only grasp this concept like the disciples did, we would make such a greater impact on this world around by allowing the life-changing light of Christ to shine through us. (vs. 12)
  7. Be prepared. Have self-control. Be holy & refuse to conform to the evil of this world. I’ve heard all my life we are living in the “last days” and boy do I believe it now. There is so much evil and perversity in this world; it’s scary. We as the body of Christ have got to be prepared. Stay in the Word and be holy. Have self-control and refuse to conform – no matter how hard the big ugly giants stare us coldly in the eyes. (vs. 13-16)
  8. This isn’t our home. This world we live in is temporary, praise God! We must live in reverent fear of the Lord as strangers in this world. Remember, as believers we have an inheritance waiting for us in Heaven! This world has nothing in comparison! (vs. 17)
  9. We were bought with a price. And it wasn’t cheap. I don’t know many who would willingly lay their life down for people who they knew would reject them. Yet Jesus was in this thing for the long haul and said, “Yet not as I will, but as you will”{Matthew 26:39-42; emphasis mine}. We were bought with a heavy price – every last drop of life and blood our precious Savior had in His body. We ought to live like we are grateful. (vs. 18-21)
  10. Love one another deeply – from the heart. We are told many times throughout the bible to love one another. In 1 Corinthians 13 we are reminded of what love is. Love is patient, love is kind.. You can find so much more there if you continue to read along. Then backing up to John 21:15-17, Jesus speaks to his beloved Peter and says “Feed my lambs” and “Take care of my sheep.” Jesus didn’t place limitations on this command. Not to only love when we feel like it or when it’s convenient, or when it is reciprocated. Do you love one another deeply, from the heart?

I don’t know about you today, but I’m encouraged! I’m encouraged to know that we are not alone in this life. There are so many warriors in the faith that have walked this road before us and have left us such precious, golden nuggets of wisdom waiting to be unpacked in the Word of God.

I’d love to hear what God has spoken to you through 1 Peter 1 today! Will you share your thoughts below? Please share with a friend if you enjoy these posts!

share thoughts below

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

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