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Flawless. A look into Psalms 11-12 <3

I love community in the body of Christ.  I so wish we could all pile up in my living room and dive in together.  But until then, let’s share our hearts here!  Ready for a look into Psalms 11-12?

Chapter Eleven:

God knows us

❤ Vs. 2-3: The wicked are just waiting for us to stumble and make a fool of ourselves. They’re looking for reasons to call us hypocrites. Just because someone is a Christian doesn’t mean they will never make another mistake, but it should cause us to try harder to live right. Yet, when we fall, they’re standing there waiting with stones to chuck at us. Surely there’s hope, right? I’m glad you asked. 🙂

❤ 4-5, 7: “The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lord is on his heavenly throne.” No matter how heavy and jagged those stones are, God is still in control and He is a first-hand witness to our struggles. It says He examines us. He knows us. Pains and gains, ups and downs, tears and fears; He holds our every moment in the palm of His hand. Don’t think He doesn’t see your injustice. Verse 7 definitely gives us security – “upright men will see his face.” The things we are facing now won’t even hold water compared to seeing our Savior face to face. We have hope! Just hold on!

Chapter Twelve:

flawless words

❤ Vs. 1-4,8: We live in such a crooked, perverse world. It’s a mess to say the least. Our kids desperately need to be reminded that even though we do live in this world, we are not of this world. As verse 8 says, the wicked seem to proudly strut what is vile and immoral. It’s not easy being a Christian in a world that seems to despise the very mention of the name of Jesus. If someone told you it would be a cake walk once you began your relationship with Jesus, I’m sorry but you’ve been sadly misled. We must do all we can to live holy lives and abstain from worldly lusts and desires. There’s just some things we need to have no part in. Know what I mean?

❤ Vs. 6: I can’t shake this verse today. I’ve read it, reread it and read it again. “The words of the Lord are flawless..” Y’all know I like to define words to go beyond the surface meaning. According to Google, flawless is defined as “without blemishes or imperfections; perfect.” God’s words are without blemishes. Perfect. The promises He has made you. The affirmation He has given you. The answers to your heartfelt prayers. Those times when God speaks quietly to our hearts, baby those words are flawless.  And He has a lot to say about you.  Hang on to those words. Write them down. Share them. There’s nothing like hearing sweet perfection from the lips of our Savior.

I would love to hear your thoughts below!  What is something that spoke to you today?

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post!  We will have special guest, Deborah Yeorg, from Crowns for Christ Ministries with us sharing her insight on chapters 13-14!  You can find more about her ministry here on her Facebook page!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany


Jumping right in today.. Crash course on Psalms 1-4! Join in the discussion! :)

If you’re just joining us for the first time, WELCOME!  ❤ I firmly believe that God is up to great things and this will be an eye opening experience for all of us!  It’s not too late to join our online bible study!  We’re reading 2 chapters each day and discussing here and also here on my Facebook Page!

The book of Psalms is full of such raw and real emotions from David, as well as other psalmists. The good, the bad, the ugly.. it’s all there and David saw first hand how God showed up as his Provider and Deliverer.

No better way to start our study today than with this awesome song by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir! When I started reading chapter 3 yesterday, I couldn’t get this song off my mind. Take a few moments to close your eyes and lay it all down at His feet today.

Let’s jump right in today!  {  Below you will find chapters 1-4.  We are only reading 2 each day but I didn’t want to overload your inboxes so I waited an extra day to post this.  🙂 }

Chapter One:

❤ Vs. 1: We are warned to not be counseled by the wicked. We must remember that not all counsel is wise counsel. Be extremely cautious who you allow to advise you.

❤ Vs. 2-3: When we meditate on the Word of God and treat it as nutrition to our souls, we are compared to a tree who is grounded by a stream. Our roots are consistently taking in life-giving water and nutrients and help our “leaves” not to wither. We prosper when we are rooted in the Word!

❤ Vs. 6 – The Lord watches over the righteous. If you’re a child of God, you have the Creator of the Universe on YOUR side keeping His watchful eye on you. That’s something to be excited about!

prosper when rooted in God's Word

Chapter Two:

❤ Vs. 2: Feels like 2015, doesn’t t? It’s crazy to think that when the bible was written, it was known already that rulers of the earth wouldn’t support God’s agenda.

❤ Vs. 10-11: We need to come together as the body of Christ, both in our private prayer time and corporately as the church, and pray for our leaders. Pray for godly counsel and wisdom to guide them as they make decisions. We desperately need godly leadership.

❤ Vs. 12: We are blessed when we take refuge in God! He’s our rock!

pray for leaders

Chapter Three:

❤ Vs. 1-2: David had many enemies, but God proved Himself to be his Protector. I love that He “lifts up my head.” How many times are we so weak and wounded from the battle that it’s all we can do to lift our head? Exhaustion consumes us, worry depletes our strength and fear paralyzes. The mental picture that He literally lifts my head brings me so much encouragement and reminds me that He is our loving Father! Praise Him!

❤ Vs. He answers me, sustains me and delivers me. Yes, the Creator of the universe hears you. I googled “sustain” and here’s what I found – “to strengthen/support mentally or physically. Comfort, help, assist, encourage, carry.” I’m so thankful that in our darkest hours, Jesus sustains us!

God answers, sustains, and delivers

Chapter Four:

❤ Vs. 1, 3: I love David’s real, raw emotion here. He’s pleading with God in his time of distress. Do we pour out our hearts to the Lord when we pray, or are we just doing Him lip service? As much as he is pleading, he is confident that God hears his prayers. God hears you, my friend! 🙂

❤ Vs. 4: Man, just this verse alone will preach itself. It doesn’t say, “don’t be angry.” It simply says not to sin in our anger. Some things can really grate our nerves, but we must maintain our identity as the sons and daughters in the kingdom of God if we’re going to make a positive difference on anyone. Inhale.. Exhale.. Release it at the feet of Jesus..

❤ Vs. 6: If the light from God’s face shines upon us, we definitely have what it takes to be a light in the darkness. We can’t change anyone. Let me repeat that. We. Can’t change. Anyone. Only God can change someone’s heart. But we can be a reflection of His light and help brighten up the world we live in.

Inhale, exhale, release at the feet of Jesus

Now it’s YOUR TURN! Share below! What really spoke out to you in Psalms 3-4 today? Find some encouragement? Let’s start the discussion! 

As always, please share with someone!  You can also join the discussion on my Facebook page!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

Let’s Dig In! {1 Peter Chaper 1}

Shhh… it’s naptime. And sometimes those sweet little wild-haired cuties that call me Mom have been known to fall asleep while eating.  It’s hard not to giggle, I know.

What do they put in those fries?!

What do they put in those fries?!

I’m sorry I’m a day late posting!  I’ve been working on our church website and social media.  Feel free to check it out at .  It’s still a work in progress.  If you have any web design tips, please hit me up!  🙂

I’m super stoked about sharing with you some great insights and encouragement from the book of 1 Peter this week! I pray that if you’re not already subscribed to my free email updates, that you’ll do so to stay connected by entering your email address into the space provided to your right. It’s free and encouraging! 🙂

I want to share with you today 10 key points I have found through studying, highlighting and praying about chapter one. But before I do that, I want to give you a little brief bio on Peter and an intro to this little book of insight.


Peter was a fisherman when Jesus found him, befriended him and called out to him, “Follow me.” {Matthew 4:18-20}

Do you remember who you were when Jesus found you?

Peter became a right-hand-man to Jesus. You could say they were best friends. He watched in awe and wonder as Jesus performed many miracles throughout his ministry. He suffered greatly for following Jesus and even denied him, but later got his act together and inspired many to follow his Savior. I think we all can take notes from his life.

In chapter 1, Peter writes to God’s chosen people and describes them as being “scattered” throughout many regions. He wishes them grace and peace and goes on to share this living hope they {and we} have through the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus Christ.

1 peter 1 13

Here are 10 things I found so encouraging! Pull out those highlighters!

  1. We have a living hope in Jesus Christ! If He hadn’t risen like He said He would on the 3rd day, we wouldn’t have this living hope! He’s a promise keeper! (vs. 3)
  2. We have a protected inheritance waiting for us in Heaven! No one can touch or destroy what God has prepared for us! (vs. 4)
  3. Through faith, we are shielded by God’s power! Kay Arthur touched heavily on this one during her live simulcast Friday night. It doesn’t matter what comes our way, we are protected through faith by God’s power! Praise God! (vs. 5)
  4. We will have trials and struggles, but this refines our faith and brings glory to God! We can’t escape frustrating situations and unexplainable circumstances we are faced with, but if we maintain the right attitude and remain faithful, God will receive the glory and we may see others around us be encouraged in their journey. (vs. 6-9)
  5. Suffering always comes before glory. Jesus suffered tremendously on the cross. Unfortunately, those mere words don’t even do it justice. However, when all was said and done, He was glorified through the Father. One thing is for sure, God’s power and glory was revealed in a mighty way that day! Remember – suffering always comes before glory. (vs. 11)
  6. Everything is not about ME. That’s a shocker, isn’t it? So many times we make things all about us. Our successes, our struggles, our pity parties. If we would only grasp this concept like the disciples did, we would make such a greater impact on this world around by allowing the life-changing light of Christ to shine through us. (vs. 12)
  7. Be prepared. Have self-control. Be holy & refuse to conform to the evil of this world. I’ve heard all my life we are living in the “last days” and boy do I believe it now. There is so much evil and perversity in this world; it’s scary. We as the body of Christ have got to be prepared. Stay in the Word and be holy. Have self-control and refuse to conform – no matter how hard the big ugly giants stare us coldly in the eyes. (vs. 13-16)
  8. This isn’t our home. This world we live in is temporary, praise God! We must live in reverent fear of the Lord as strangers in this world. Remember, as believers we have an inheritance waiting for us in Heaven! This world has nothing in comparison! (vs. 17)
  9. We were bought with a price. And it wasn’t cheap. I don’t know many who would willingly lay their life down for people who they knew would reject them. Yet Jesus was in this thing for the long haul and said, “Yet not as I will, but as you will”{Matthew 26:39-42; emphasis mine}. We were bought with a heavy price – every last drop of life and blood our precious Savior had in His body. We ought to live like we are grateful. (vs. 18-21)
  10. Love one another deeply – from the heart. We are told many times throughout the bible to love one another. In 1 Corinthians 13 we are reminded of what love is. Love is patient, love is kind.. You can find so much more there if you continue to read along. Then backing up to John 21:15-17, Jesus speaks to his beloved Peter and says “Feed my lambs” and “Take care of my sheep.” Jesus didn’t place limitations on this command. Not to only love when we feel like it or when it’s convenient, or when it is reciprocated. Do you love one another deeply, from the heart?

I don’t know about you today, but I’m encouraged! I’m encouraged to know that we are not alone in this life. There are so many warriors in the faith that have walked this road before us and have left us such precious, golden nuggets of wisdom waiting to be unpacked in the Word of God.

I’d love to hear what God has spoken to you through 1 Peter 1 today! Will you share your thoughts below? Please share with a friend if you enjoy these posts!

share thoughts below

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

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