27 Things I’ve learned @ 27 

I’m getting old, y’all.  Seriously.   Next year I will be attending my 10 year high school reunion.  *slams head to the table*  I’ve spent the past few days spending precious time with family and friends in my hometown so I’m feeling a little extra sentimental this week.  😉  So without further adue, here areContinue reading “27 Things I’ve learned @ 27 “

Kiss Those Strongholds Goodbye! – Motivation Monday

Strongholds. A place that is generally constructed and fortified to protect someone or something against an attack. Something that can be of great benefit. A safe place. But many times the enemy likes to use our places we have created for safety – against us. He quickly shifts the feeling of safety to a placeContinue reading “Kiss Those Strongholds Goodbye! – Motivation Monday”

Fill Up, Babe.

It is so amazing to me how God unveils life’s greatest wisdom through gentle whispers, if we will only make time to listen. We may need to clean a little wax from our stubborn ears in order to clearly hear His voice. Maybe wipe the dust from the bible on the night stand that hasContinue reading “Fill Up, Babe.”

Are you breathing?

If you’re reading this right now it means several things. 1 – You’re breathing. {Thank you, Captain Obvious.} 2 – Your heart is beating. {Captain Obvious strikes again.} 3 – You’re searching for something. {Pics of a friend’s newborn baby, keeping up with family that lives in another state, encouragement from a ministry you follow,Continue reading “Are you breathing?”

Prayers For My Husband – Keeping Him Covered

Here’s a little #TBT to start off today’s post! Monday I began to share my heart about keeping our husbands covered in prayer in Prayers For My Husband (Click here to read Monday’s Post!) I don’t want to waste any time today. Let’s jump right in and pick up where we left off! I prayContinue reading “Prayers For My Husband – Keeping Him Covered”

Prayers For My Husband

It’s hard enough being a mom. Taxi driver, short order cook, personal shopper, accountant, lunch packer, nose wiper, bath giver…. But being the spiritual leader of the home, as Ephesians 5:22-24 says, holds quite the responsibility as well. I love my man. God knows he’s some kind of special to handle a crazy southern womanContinue reading “Prayers For My Husband”

Calm in the Chaos

I don’t know about you, but our lives can be so chaotic. My husband works full-time, I work part-time, we both serve our church as youth pastors, and I’m currently getting ready for the She Speaks Conference and writing my first book.  Whew!  All this on top of typical wifey/mommy duties. There will always beContinue reading “Calm in the Chaos”

Post It

(Above pic – A few of our encouraging notes) The world right outside our little peep hole and dead-bolted door can be a scary, intimidating place, can’t it? I imagine Mary, the mother of Jesus felt the same way. Can you imagine in your wildest dreams what it would have been like to have carriedContinue reading “Post It”