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Don’t Hide Your Gift <3

Since the beginning of time, God has been in the fixer upper business.

He doesn’t generally pick those in the front of the line.  He’s known for patiently waiting on those the world overlooks.  The rejected, despised, “too young,” “too old,” inexperienced newbies.  He takes the ones who are picked last in gym class and brings them front and center.

“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinthians 1:27

David was a smelly shepherd boy.  Sampson had a problem with women.  Moses was a murderer.  Rahab was a hooker.

You are I are no different.  We may not have a track record quite comparable to these celebrities of the biblical era, but I imagine you have a story too.  And it’s one that someone needs to hear.  But let me tell you, that can that be so intimidating.  Especially when we feel underqualified.  Undereducated.  Unprepared.  *insert additional “un” words here ____*

It’s easy to try to talk God out of His master plan when it feels so much bigger than us.  Heck, Moses did it.  God called him by speaking through a burning bush and Moses was quick to attempt convincing Him that He was better off choosing someone else to carry out the mass exodus of letting His people go.  God presented the plan while Moses crumbled under pressure.

gods plan

Have you been there?  I have. 

Can I be real with you?  You are not a carbon copy.  There has never been anyone quite like you.  You are uniquely created to carry out a divine purpose.  And God has something specific in mind for you to accomplish during your lifetime that only you can do.  You have world-changing power living inside of you.  Don’t hide your gift. 

I didn’t grow up thinking I would ever be capable of being a women’s speaker.  (I still don’t think I’m capable.  lol)  Or blogger for that matter.  Or an author.  But God has a way of weaving desires and purpose into our lives long before we were formed in our mother’s womb.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

You have been set apart to fulfill a specific purpose.  No one else can do what God has called you to do.  Your calling won’t look identical to anyone else’s and comparing will only breed jealousy and discontentment.  And a date with a big tub of ice cream and box of tissues.

It’s scary stepping out in faith.  But sometimes the only way to reach Jesus and His divine plan for our life is to meet Him in the deep waters.  Ask Peter.  The waves and wind created fear and havoc around him, yet he stepped out of the boat and walked out to meet His Savior.  (How awesome would that have been to have Instagram back then?  #selfieSunday #walkingonwater #jesusfreakingrocks )

What’s holding you back?  Are you afraid of failure?  Expectations from others weighing you down?  I promise you, there is no greater joy than fulfilling God’s calling on your life.  Is it scary?  Yes!  Will you fall flat on your face sometimes?  Definitely.  But the amazing thing is that God isn’t calling for perfection – He’s calling for obedience. 


I’ve been back and forth about whether or not to share this video, but I feel like someone needs to see this.  Below is a clip from one of my first speaking engagements.  I’m no pro, by any means.  lol  But I have been learning to simply say “yes” to God and trust Him in the unknown.  If you’re encouraged, please feel free to share.  ❤

Don’t let fear overcome you and hold you back from walking into your Promised Land.  The children of Israel made that detrimental mistake and it took them 40 years to make a 14 day journey.

When He calls you to walk on the water, remember who created those waters in the first place. 

“Unforgettable” Women’s Conference Message (Click link to watch my message from “Unforgettable” Women’s Conference!)

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else.  You are unforgettable.  You are amazing.  And you have a gift that can change the world. 

Live Life Unscripted,

Brittany ❤



My 1st published work!  Thank you SO  much Gulf Coast Family for giving me this honor! <3 #GodisAwesome

My 1st published work! Thank you SO much Gulf Coast Family for giving me this honor!


Can't believe mine is on the page right beside Focus on the Family!  Such an honor! #PraiseGod

Can’t believe mine is on the page right beside Focus on the Family! Such an honor! #PraiseGod


If you know me, you know being speechless is not a common struggle for me.  Well, sometimes God just completely blows you away and you’re left with your mouth gaping wide open.

My mind has been blown.  And before I could regain my composure, BOOM.  Mind blown.  Again.  And Again.  Is this normal for approaching age 26?  If so, someone should warn somebody.  Quick.

I can promise you, I’m no saint.  I’m not an honor roll graduate.  I’m a simple, small town girl who God has totally overwhelmed with His loving kindness.  I’m no different from you.  I’m a child of the King of kings and I take my relationship with my Savior seriously.  I’m obnoxious sometimes and I love big.

God birthed the love of writing in me at a very young age.  I’ve always loved it and frequently complimented on my knack for it.  I don’t say that to brag, please hear my heart past these squealing little shrieks coming from the inside.  My very first article was just published in a local newspaper called Gulf Coast Family and it stretches across Pinellas and Hillsborough County.  I’m not even sure how to spell my name today.  Or even if that matters at the moment.

Our.  God.  Is.  Good.  Even when we’ve royally screwed up our lives.  When we think we’ve reached the point of no return, God sneaks in a U-Turn sign and gives us another chance.  A brighter life.  An alternative.

“Come to me..”  He’s calling you.

This isn’t a long post today.  I am literally speechless.  I’m so grateful that God has smiled on me during this season in my life.  I have never in my life had so many open doors.  Hence the hashtag #GodisAwesome

I want to shout to the heavens and cry like a baby at the same time.  I can’t stop smiling.  I want to break out in a praise dance but God knows I can’t dance.  Maybe I’ll just go buy more Kleenex.  God has totally messed me up lately.  In a good way.  🙂

I just want to encourage you today, my sweet friend, pursue your dreams.  Don’t you dare give up.  You’ve come to far to turn back now.  Follow those desires and longings God placed in your heart.  Beth Moore said this past weekend at Living Proof Live that He has pre-wired us to fulfill the longings He has placed in our souls.  That our longings lie open before the Lord.

Let’s pause a moment.  What are you longing for today?  What makes your heart swell within you?  Could it be that your heart beats wildly at the hope of fulfilling what God has pre-wired you to accomplish on this earth?

I challenge you today to find something awesome God has done or is currently doing in your life.  He so deserves our praise and adoration.  Because regardless of how we feel some days, our God really, really, really is AWESOME!

Share below what God is doing or has done in your life!  I’d love to hear from you!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

Twitter & Instagram: @lifeunscripted5

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Love my little sis in Christ!

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