27 Things I’ve learned @ 27 

I'm getting old, y'all.  Seriously.   Next year I will be attending my 10 year high school reunion.  *slams head to the table*  I've spent the past few days spending precious time with family and friends in my hometown so I'm feeling a little extra sentimental this week.  😉  So without further adue, here are … Continue reading 27 Things I’ve learned @ 27 

A Kids Eye View

A Kids Eye View. I'm praying that we can carry our cross in such a way that our children are inspired to chase this thing with everything within them. Let's finish this race well – not being satisfied with just sliding by. Let's go the extra mile. Love when it hurts, give when it's almost gone. Life well, love well. Would you join me on my blog today? If you find yourself encouraged, please consider subscribing {free!} to get posts straight to your inbox! ❤ http://www.lifeunscriptedministries.org

Fight for your VOICE! <3

  We're kicking it old school today.  You remember The Little Mermaid, right?  All those who were raised in the 90s or raised kids in the 90s said... YEAH!  🙂 Ariel had a problem.  She wasn't satisfied.  She always wanted more.  Her gidgets and gadgets satisfied only for a short while, so she decided to make … Continue reading Fight for your VOICE! ❤

Full of It

So here I sit by the light of our Christmas tree with an overstuffed belly after a long day of cooking, eating, celebrating, more cooking and even more eating. The kitchen is clean. There are no more growling bellies. The laughter has subsided and all the littles ones have gone to bed. #sleepoversuccess And here … Continue reading Full of It

Taking a little break <3

As many of you know, I'm on the craziest journey right now.  I've never experienced God's favor and so many open doors in my life!  God opened the door for me to have my very first article published in a local newspaper, Gulf Coast Family, for the month of July.  They've just asked me to … Continue reading Taking a little break ❤

Shut the Front Door

  We got home from running errands yesterday morning and our front door was wide open. Not cracked a little. Wide. Open. I can't believe I didn't shut the front door to our apartment. The air was running full blast and toys were scattered everywhere just as they were when we left. The laptop was … Continue reading Shut the Front Door

BE There

There are soooooo many distractions that pull and tug at us every moment of every day. Are you speeding past the things that really matter? I challenge you - wherever you are today, BE THERE. 150%. distracted. Click here for "Be There" video. Jesus set an awesome example for us to follow. Jesus set an … Continue reading BE There

Flush It.

Sitting here on a Wednesday night with my mind racing a mile a minute. I'm hurt, I'm broken-hearted, my mind is blown and I'm feeling challenged. Why? Hey, you all up in my kool aid and don't even know tha flava. Back up off me. (Sorry, I had to let my inner gangsta out.) Why … Continue reading Flush It.