Let’s Dig In! {1 Peter Chaper 1}

I’m super stoked about sharing with you some great insights and encouragement from the book of 1 Peter this week!

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I failed, but nobody died.

I failed today. Got up, read my devotion, saw an awesome scripture posted from Klove on Facebook about being quick to listen and slow to anger. And. I. Bombed. It. {photo credit: Klove Facebook page} Life got loud, tempers flared and beady eyes glared. We didn’t get out of the house today until 1pm (preciselyContinue reading “I failed, but nobody died.”

A gift from me and Starbucks <3

You guys have stolen my heart. That being said, I’d love to reward one of you with a Starbucks gift card! I’ve partnered with Rafflecopter to make this happen. You have until Tuesday, August 5th to enter to win! Good luck!   P.S.  I think I linked this right.. lol Click the blue link below. Continue reading “A gift from me and Starbucks <3”

Childlike Faith..

This little girl stole our hearts over 6 years ago. From the moment I was pregnant, we began praying for our precious peanut. Ultrasound glamor shots, little kicks and prenatal hiccups quickly began a beautiful relationship between our little family of soon-to-be-three! She’s always loved music. From a little princess still in training and nestledContinue reading “Childlike Faith..”