Little Joy Thief

Real Life: yesterday’s makeup fading laundry that’s been on my bed all week (at least it’s clean!) sink full of dishes and Saturday’s stuck on lasagna weird smell in garage.. wacky hair couch also full of laundry (folded! winning!) Can we be real this morning? Not everything you see on social media represents their dailyContinue reading “Little Joy Thief”


Current situation….. Not going to lie, this afternoon has been a bit cray. My little people have been off the chain. (Did I miss a full moon somewhere?) Loud, crazy, messy and did I say LOUD? They raised their voices. I raised mine. No one was being heard. Tiny people quickly release those frustrations andContinue reading “Tired..”

Do you trust your Pilot?

Sitting here waiting for the airplane to take off and my mind starts wandering as I look around. It’s so easy to see everyone comes from a different walk of life. Little ones sitting beside their parents playing games quietly on their iPads. Medium sized ones talking to the ones next to them about theirContinue reading “Do you trust your Pilot?”

Breakthrough MOMent! #thankyouJesus

Ever have an “ahhh hah!” moment? Well let me tell you, I sure did. And it blew. me. a.w.a.y. We can’t assume we’re going to pass a test we never study for. Likewise, we can’t assume we foreknew all there was to know about parenting prior to birthing these little people. Depending on your careerContinue reading “Breakthrough MOMent! #thankyouJesus”