Do you trust your Pilot?

Sitting here waiting for the airplane to take off and my mind starts wandering as I look around. It’s so easy to see everyone comes from a different walk of life. Little ones sitting beside their parents playing games quietly on their iPads. Medium sized ones talking to the ones next to them about their … Continue reading Do you trust your Pilot?

“Where ya joy at?”

I kept trying to rename this post.  But I can't get past these words. My heart is so burdened for us as the church this morning. Where.  Is.  Our.  Joy??  When the world looks at us, do they see anything that makes them want what we have?  Heck, do we look like we want what we … Continue reading “Where ya joy at?”

Breakthrough MOMent! #thankyouJesus

Ever have an "ahhh hah!" moment? Well let me tell you, I sure did. And it blew. me. a.w.a.y. We can't assume we're going to pass a test we never study for. Likewise, we can't assume we foreknew all there was to know about parenting prior to birthing these little people. Depending on your career … Continue reading Breakthrough MOMent! #thankyouJesus

Just Say Jesus..

Our 7-year-old is having some terrible separation anxiety. She's very attached to us and though we're honored she wants to be with us all the time, there comes a time when independence from us is a must. Like when showering. Going to the toilet. And school, to name a few. It's been an act of … Continue reading Just Say Jesus..

Out of the Darkness

Tomorrow is a BIG day.   HUGE.   COLOSSAL.   GINORMOUS.      Tomorrow marks a step of faith into the unknown. It's a moment when you realize the depth of how insignificant you are and the magnitude of how incredibly amazing our God is.   When those two factors collide, the most beautiful things … Continue reading Out of the Darkness

Book Giveaway! <3

To celebrate the release of Real Mom Moments - A 30 Day Devotional for Moms, I want to say thank you by giving some away!  Whoop whoop!  😉 Starting right now you can enter to win 1 of 4 brand spanking new books!   Click the link below to be taken to my giveaway by rafflecopter. … Continue reading Book Giveaway! ❤

Real Mom Moments Book!

I'm so excited to introduce my very first book, Real Mom Moments!  Until I can figure out how to create a fancy smancy order button, please click the link below to order.  This will take you directly to the order page. I'd love to hear how you found out about the book and where you're … Continue reading Real Mom Moments Book!

1am Jesus.  

I can't sleep, even though my eyes are burning like crazy.   Laying here listening to the silence that 1am brings, my heart is pounding out of my chest to get this message out.   Regardless of how many times we fail God, He NEVER fails us.  In fact, He sent His only son, Jesus, to be … Continue reading 1am Jesus.  

Catching up a bit ❤️

Hey guys! Didn't want you to think I had bailed out on ya on our Psalms study. I LOVE hearing from these incredible ladies as they have so willingly shared their hearts and notes on Psalms this month! I'm a little behind on posting my notes. {2 days behind actually.. Eek! I'm sorry!}. For those … Continue reading Catching up a bit ❤️

I want to welcome back my friend, Loretta Yopp tonight as she shares her heart on Psalms 35-36! --------- Loretta Yopp - Psalms 35-36 --------- Growing Weary in the Battle!! Psalm 35 ️Verses 1-12: Have you every became so weary in the battle that you plead with God just to fight for you? David had … Continue reading