Little Victories

Today, it happened. And I can’t contain myself!   Today, I stepped on the scale and lost it. It’s not as easy to lose the weight after baby # 3 and God knows I’ve been trying. And today it has finally paid off. I’ve lost…. Not 20.. Not 15… No, not even 10.  I’ve lost…….5……Continue reading “Little Victories”

Full of It

So here I sit by the light of our Christmas tree with an overstuffed belly after a long day of cooking, eating, celebrating, more cooking and even more eating. The kitchen is clean. There are no more growling bellies. The laughter has subsided and all the littles ones have gone to bed. #sleepoversuccess And hereContinue reading “Full of It”

I Accept this Challenge.

  The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone completely viral. #OMG I’m not sure of the individual who first started this chilly challenge, but the participants have ranged from preteens to college athletics to superstar celebrities and comedians. All I can say is WOW. Well friends, I have a challenge for you. Don’t freak out, thisContinue reading “I Accept this Challenge.”

Open up your hands

My inner control freak was beheaded last night. All because of a completely generous and selfless act of kindness from our 6-year-old. Thank you, Jesus, for these moments… We so desperately need them. Kendyl needed a haircut. It has grown like wildfire over the last year and it needed some weight cut off. Florida isContinue reading “Open up your hands”

Quite the adventure

What a week.. We willingly took 14 teenagers 12 hours away to Pigeon Forge, TN this past week. Disclaimer: my eyes burn from exhaustion and my thoughts are fighting each other to come out correctly. Love me today. 🙂 We’ve rode roller coasters, climbed through God’s natural obstacle course in the river, laughed as someContinue reading “Quite the adventure”