Confessions of a Worn Out Mama

Girl, motherhood will either make you or break you. And lately, I have felt so broken. I went to bed last night with a throbbing headache and woke up at 4:30am to a little princess who just couldn’t go back to sleep after daddy left for work. My head is still pounding. Granted, it couldContinue reading “Confessions of a Worn Out Mama”

Guest Jessica Shonebarger – Day 4 Perspective Changes Everything

So excited to introduce our 3rd and final guest this week! This amazing woman of God has become like a sister to me. I love her and her family dearly and cherish the time we’ve spent in ministry together over the past year and a half. I truly believe God knitted our souls together beforeContinue reading “Guest Jessica Shonebarger – Day 4 Perspective Changes Everything”

Guest Nancy Montoya – Day 3 of Perspective Changes Everything

{I LOVE this picture of you, Nancy!} Please help me welcome Nancy Montoya! She was the first mommy-friend who reached out to me when my husband and I were traveling with his nursing job. It landed us in the beautiful town of Pueblo, Colorado and she was the smiling face who greeted and instantly befriendedContinue reading “Guest Nancy Montoya – Day 3 of Perspective Changes Everything”

Guest Penny Bartee – Day 2 of Perspective Changes Everything!

I’d like to introduce to you someone who has made such a huge impact in my life. This woman has spent countless hours with me in prayer, laughed until we’ve cried and rejoiced as God has brought us to exciting new doors to walk through. One thing is for sure – Penny is a mightyContinue reading “Guest Penny Bartee – Day 2 of Perspective Changes Everything!”

Perspective Changes Everything

Some days will either make or break you. Some are filled with such uncontainable joy and laughter. The birth of a newborn, answered prayer for salvation of a loved one, and the love shared between a husband and wife on their wedding day. Beautiful, incredible, breathtaking moments. Then there are those when it’s all youContinue reading “Perspective Changes Everything”

More than a cuddly kitten

{Tiger from VBS this week!} I drove up at church for VBS Wednesday night expecting to see a cuddly baby tiger. What I saw completely blew my mind. A huge. Giant. 600 pound. Full grown. T-I-G-E-R. Perhaps my expectations were entirely too low. Our theme was jungle safari. And boy was it a jungle. AboutContinue reading “More than a cuddly kitten”

The Letter I Wish I Read

Dear _______________(insert name here), Life is a roller coaster, isn’t it? Things are going great and then whoosh! A 200 foot drop that takes your breath away followed by a corkscrew in the opposite direction. And there’s so many things that battle for your immediate attention. School. Friends. Boys. Dates. Jobs. Projects. Hobbies. Music. Movies.Continue reading “The Letter I Wish I Read”