Ordinary, Average Joe

Don't let the enemy or anyone else convince you that you're not good enough, educated enough or seasoned enough.   There are so many negative, life sucking labels we carry.   Whether they have been placed by ourselves or someone else - it's time they're removed.  God didn't call perfect people - He is calling … Continue reading Ordinary, Average Joe

Kiss Those Strongholds Goodbye! – Motivation Monday

Strongholds. A place that is generally constructed and fortified to protect someone or something against an attack. Something that can be of great benefit. A safe place. But many times the enemy likes to use our places we have created for safety - against us. He quickly shifts the feeling of safety to a place … Continue reading Kiss Those Strongholds Goodbye! – Motivation Monday

We Were Made to Thrive – #MotivationMonday

An ant can lift 50x it's own body weight. 50. Times. Woah! Sounds impossible, doesn't it? Sometimes what lies before us seems impossible to the human eye. A grim doctor's report. A wayward child. A hopeless marriage. The job that keeps you away from your family. A mound of debt with less than enough to … Continue reading We Were Made to Thrive – #MotivationMonday