Absent Minded Foggy Mommy Brain

I know that title totally makes you want to read more. Haha  So here I am aimlessly scrolling through my phone and happen to check my blog and realize – WOAH. I have been updating my Facebook but left you guys hanging here. For quite a while.  I’m so sorry!  First off – if youContinue reading “Absent Minded Foggy Mommy Brain”

Dare to Compare

I’ve really tried to be a regular blogger. Really, I have. And then life happens. I miss a few days. Then a few days turns into a week and a half. Then come the questions. And comparisons. I’ve felt the pressure. The expectations. I’ve questioned myself. More than you know.. How often should I post?Continue reading “Dare to Compare”


Can I rant for a minute? I’m a pretty chill type, but sometimes things really get under my skin. Like, really. Exhibit A – beautiful girls posting trashy things on Facebook. This actually applies to more than just Facebook. It includes talking filthy and acting like they’re proud to be labeled a B-word. Posting 15Continue reading “Exposed.”

He ain’t your sugar daddy.

I think we give God different job descriptions depending on our current situations. When we’re in trouble and faced with a catastrophe, we expect Him to be our 911 to the rescue flying down the road with lights and sirens blazing. When we’re sick, He’s our Dr. Oz. When we’ve come to the realization we’reContinue reading “He ain’t your sugar daddy.”