Trust in God, in spite of….. {Psalms 15-16 – Special guest post by Gary Jones}

“Don’t be deceived into believing He can’t take care of you. He loves you, and He cares. Trust in the heart of God, in spite of what you see and hear.”

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I can feel David’s anxiety.. {Psalms 13-14 with Debbie Yoerg with Crowns for Christ Ministries}

“I can feel David’s anxiety… His prayer for relief from despair. I’ve been there! The phrase “How long” appears four times in the first two verses indicating to me, the depth of his distress and wondering where God was. David was impatient and he felt forgotten. I have felt this same way… ”

Head on over to catch up with Debbie Yeorg from Crowns for Christ Ministries as she shares her heart on Psalms 13-14 this morning!

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Special Guest Loretta Yopp! Psalms 7-8!

I’m a day late posting this one.  Sundays are hectic for us, I apologize!  It’s always current here on my Facebook page if you want to follow along there! I’d like to introduce to you a special friend of mine.  Loretta Yopp and her husband have faithfully loved and fostered children for years, and boyContinue reading “Special Guest Loretta Yopp! Psalms 7-8!”

Special Guest Post by Shannon Yeatts! Insight on Psalms 5-6

I’m so excited you are joining us for our first “official” Online Bible Study!  We have a special guest sharing with us today on Psalms 5-6! Ready to pull out those highlighters and fav bible study tools?  Let’s do this!  First I want to welcome a good friend of mine, Shannon Yeatts.  She is aContinue reading “Special Guest Post by Shannon Yeatts! Insight on Psalms 5-6”

Dive into Psalms With Me!

Making those New Year’s Resolutions yet?  Here’s one to definitely check out! We’ve gone through some book studies before, but none quite like this one.  We will be joining hands and diving into the book of Psalms together!  Each day, we will read 2 chapters {most are pretty short} and have discussions on my FacebookContinue reading “Dive into Psalms With Me!”