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1am Jesus.  

I can’t sleep, even though my eyes are burning like crazy.   

Laying here listening to the silence that 1am brings, my heart is pounding out of my chest to get this message out.   

Regardless of how many times we fail God, He NEVER fails us.  In fact, He sent His only son, Jesus, to be born into this jacked up world just to die for us.   

I’m so humbled tonight thinking how Jesus knew our sin long before we wallowed in it.  He knew the mess that would be turned into a message and the test that would produce the testimony.  

He knew it all.  Inside and out.  Fears, tears and doubts.  He knew us.   And ohhhhh to be known by the One who came to set us free..  

Do we really grasp the magnitude of this? 

He knew the bondage He came to set us free from and He knew how tightly we would hold on to our captivity.  

Heck, even the Israelites did it.  They had a taste of freedom but complained to Moses when they got tired of the manna God sent down from Heaven.   

I knew I couldn’t snuggle under the covers until I shared this that God burned into my heart tonight.   I pray it rocks you to your very core like it did me tonight.  At 1am.   I’m so in awe of our Savior.   

Here goes.  



King of kings 
Left royalty behind 
To be of a virgin 
Laid in a manger 
No room for Him then
No room for Him now 
Left Heaven’s throne 
To take upon flesh 
Walk among us 
Call fishers of men 
Turn this world upside down 
In awe of Him then 
In awe of Him now 
Set free the captives 
Made well the sick 
Defended the weak 
Sat with the sinners 
Fasted in the desert 
Some followed Him then 
Some follow Him now 
Son of God 
Son of man 
God’s only son 
Man’s only Savior 
Our only hope 
Fully God 
Fully man 
Loves the unloveable 
Teaches the unteachable 
Reaches the unreachable 
Saves the lost 
Paid the cost 
Ultimate sacrifice 
Ultimate salvation 
No sin too great 
No soul too fake 
He sees all 
Knows all 
And yet still paid it all 
He paid your price 
Sacrificed His life 
You can accept 
Or deny 
Mock, doubt 
Or believe lies 
He gave His life for you 
And left the choice in your hands 
Now it’s up to you to choose


Absent Minded Foggy Mommy Brain

I know that title totally makes you want to read more. Haha 

So here I am aimlessly scrolling through my phone and happen to check my blog and realize – WOAH. I have been updating my Facebook but left you guys hanging here. For quite a while.  I’m so sorry! 

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{ below: our church’s 1st Annual Easter Egg Drop } 



Secondly – We have been busier than ever! I’ve begun to realize that posting daily isn’t realistic during this stage of my life. I have a lot to say and God speaks such precious whispers, but time simply doesn’t always present itself to log in and post every day.  { Honestly, just remembering to bathe the kids and brush teeth is a high five worthy moment right now. }  

That being said, I pray you stick with me and keep up with me on Facebook for encouragement and videos. I will post as much as I can, but being a full time pastor’s wife, mom, homemaker, and wearer of many colorful hats – posting may not be totally scheduled and regular. { The realization that I haven’t posted in over a month stings..


Thirdly – We were in a crazy car crash a few weeks ago that was inches from leaving our 6-year-old an orphan.  At this time I can’t discuss any details other than we’re alive solely by the grace of God.   


Our new Newsong CD “Faithful” was the last thing removed from our van and I think it’s pretty epic and an awesome reminder that we serve a faithful God, even when things around us seem to be total chaos.   { A brief video post can be found on my Facebook page entitled, But God.. }

And last, but definitely not least – Some exciting news I couldn’t wait to share!! We’re expecting baby # 3!  Baby Jones will make his or her grand appearance sometime mid-October! 



So needless to say, it’s been crazy busy! But I’m hoping to continue videos and posts as much as I can.

{just got back from spending Easter break wth family in VA} 




{In the above pic my BFF and I were laughing so hard I thought I had pee’d myself but realized my mom’s car had heated seats!!  Her self timer on her phone just so happened to catch us cracking up. You’re welcome.  Lol} 

Love you guys SO much and love hearing from you!  Would love to know what God is up to in your life right now!   

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 ❤ Brittany

Walk YOUR walk.

Maybe it’s a woman thing.  Heck, maybe it’s a ME thing.  But one thing I know is this – comparison stinks.

There will always be someone more successful.  Someone prettier.  Someone who seems more qualified.  There’s always going to be someone to compare ourselves to.  To compare our dreams to.

But the great thing is, God hasn’t called the pretty ones to do my job.  And He hasn’t called me to do theirs either.

He’s called me to walk MY walk with everything within me. 

Do you struggle with comparison?  { Quietly raises hand while hiding behind the glow of the computer screen.. }

You are you-niquely created with talents that desperately need to be on display to further the kingdom of God.

We can’t do this thing well when we’re so caught up in what he’s doing and what she’s accomplishing.  How many followers they have on Twitter and Instagram and how many shares and retweets their posts have.

God.  Made.  You.  YOU. 

You are special.  You are one of a kind.  You are the apple of His eye.  You are amazing.

walk YOUR walk

God hasn’t called you to walk somebody’s else’s walk. 

I’ve had several conversations with some blogging friends this past week about this exact thing.  It’s easy to feel like you’re not good enough and like you don’t have what it takes when you compare your walk to someone else’s.  God created us all so differently.  We’re all gifted in various ways, none quite the same.

Maybe you have a gifting with words.  Maybe you’re stellar creative.  Maybe it’s organizational skills. { I’m definitely not in this category. }  Teaching kids.  Nursing in ICU.  Working in the justice system.  School bus driver.

My hubby is a full time nurse and pastor.  He catches on quickly in the medical field and is amazing when you put a mic in his hand in front of a crowd.   On the other hand, I am a stay-at-home-mom, multitasking wife and blogger who wears a ka-jillion hats like a super ninja.  His giftings are different from mine.  Mine are different from his. We couldn’t possibly switch places and expect to have the same results on those around us.

God hasn’t called you to walk somebody else’s walk. 

God prepares us for the journey ahead of us.  He has placed within us what it takes to complete our mission.  We just have to trust Him.  Be faithful in the hallway before He opens that next door.  He knows where to find you.

Passionately walk the walk He has destined you for.  Wife, mom, daughter, son, teacher, lawyer, cashier, small business owner.. He will give you the desires of your heart and reward your faithfulness.   Besides, He’s the one who put those desires  there in the first place.

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.” Psalm 139:13-16

Can I be real with you?  You will never write like her.  You will never sing like him.  Your house will never be spotless like theirs.  The quicker you accept this reality, the quicker you can release that deep breath you’ve been holding in for so long.  God isn’t asking for perfection, babe, He’s asking for a willing vessel.  Keep doing that thing you’ve been prewired to do.  That thing that brings you joy and others hope.

Be real.  Be bold.  Be.. YOU.  God loves you, beautiful.  He loves your humility and understands your desire to reach more, help more and love more.  But until more comes, be more where you are.  Be the best you that you can be!  And understand that it really is enough.  Be content with who you are, the gifts God has given you and where He has you right now.

What about you?  Have you struggled with comparision?  Overcome it?  I’d love to hear from you!  Please feel free to share your heart below or here on my Facebook page

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Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

A Kids Eye View

They drive me nuts, keep my on my knees and make me smile from ear to ear.

You called it. My kids are my w.o.r.l.d.

They don’t miss a beat, that’s for sure. Nothing escapes their view. They’ve got to know how it works, why it does that and how long before the next sugar-filled holiday celebration.

So the other day I go to snap a cute pic of my littles and I’m alerted that my phone memory is full. What?? Not cool. Not cool, man. I open up my pics and see I have around 1,000 images. Blury, fuzzy, kid’s eye view shots taken after church last week by a variety of little fingers.

There were fuzzy up close pictures of kids’ noses, adults size 8 shoes, back of heads, walls, and smiling faces. A kid’s-eye view of “Jesus’ house,” as our 3-year-old cutie calls it.

IMG_9578 IMG_9577

It got me thinking. I know, here we are again in the mind of a crazy, sleep-deprived mom. Enter at your own risk.

We teach our kids more than we realize. This can be equally humbling and scary.

I’ve mentioned before that we teach them how to respond to situations by the way we ourselves respond. A car pulls out in front of us and we start ranting and raving about the where the idiot got their driver’s license. Our mini-me in the backseat takes notice and jots down a mental note on how to act when we don’t like how something goes down.

But have we ever thought that we teach our kids how to relate to God?

When Kendyl was barely 2-years-old, she watched us in church. If Mommy or Daddy raised our arms in worship, up went that precious little arm stretched up towards heaven. If someone shouted out a “hallelujah!” during service, our little curly-headed princess would follow suite.

Our kids see how we respond to the Holy Spirit. They are silently observing how we plop down in our seats with arms firmly folded, refusing to budge. Our kids watch us put on masks that signal that all is well even though we’re dying inside.

teach our kids

A kid’s-eye view.

What are our kids witnessing in our lives?

Are we teaching them to show loving reverence to a Holy God? Or are we educating them on how to endure an hour a week listening to a man tickle our ears and walk out the same way we came in?

Children are often the product of their raising. If we show passionate pursuit of our Savior and gratitude for our blessings, it’s likely our children will mirror those beautiful traits. Oh what priceless gifts to give our children.

So the loaded question – What is the worth of the cross you are carrying?

So I do not run aimlessly; I do not box as one beating the air. But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.” 1 Corinthians 9:26-27

To me, it’s priceless. It can’t be carried halfheartedly. It’s all or nothing. You see, I know what it’s like to run from God. I remember where God found me and how He reached way down to pull me out of my self-created pit. I know the call Jonah received from God had to be pretty intimidating when the opposite direction looked so appealing. The world appears to have it all laid out on a silver platter. It’s not easy going against the flow. It’s so much easier sticking with the crowd.

But what if that’s why we’re here? To stand out? To pursue something so incredible, so completely life changing that shakes us to our very core. It causes us to take a self inventory. It makes us question if we’re taking this thing seriously or if we are just checking some moral obligation off our to-do list because it makes us feel better.

What is the worth of the cross you are carrying?

I don’t know about you, but I want to leave a legacy. I want to grow old and know that I have raised God-fearing, God-serving, people reaching, giving, kind hearted children who boldly walk out their faith. Not just WWJD wearing kids sporting religious t-shirts.

Godly little men and women who know their God is the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God who still works miracles. The God who split the Red Sea for Moses and the one who sustains life when the doctor said to pull the plug.

our god is awesome

I’m praying that we can carry our cross in such a way that our children are inspired to chase this thing with everything within them. Let’s finish this race well – not being satisfied with just sliding by. Let’s go the extra mile. Love when it hurts, give when it’s almost gone. Life well, love well.

Little ones are watching.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have your kids surprised you at how much they can be little sponges? What’s something your kids have said that has blown your mind? Have they copied behavior that has brought you to your knees? I know mine have!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

Big Dreamin’ – How God can turn a “hot mess” into a beautiful message. <3

I’m a hot mess. Even on my better days. But you know what makes me happy all over? The fact that God looks past OUR best and focuses on HIS best for us. He sees our full potential when we are struggling to see even a small part of the puzzle.

I don’t remember my dreams. Seriously guys, they’re usually the result of eating some weird combination of junk food before bed. So they’re totally random or I don’t remember them.

Not these dreams though. These have been more like visions. I’ve only experienced 4 of them, but I will never forget them. They were so vivid and detailed.  You need to know up front that my life verse is Jeremiah 29:11.  “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  God knew the plan long before you were planned. 


Here’s an inside look:

Dream 1 – I was standing on stage. Tons of people in the audience. Lights glaring. But it was black and white and muted. Kinda odd, huh? I thought so too. I wrote it off. I’m a youth pastor’s wife. I was probably just announcing a speaker or praise team. Back to sleep..

Dream 2 – Full color, extremely detailed. I saw my outfit down to the jewelry and shoes I was sporting on stage. I was speaking. I. Was. Speaking. Oh my Lord, you’ve got the wrong girl. There’s no way that will ever be me. Can I wake up now??

Dream 3 – Ok, I’m sensing a pattern here. Full color, fully detailed, me speaking. Again. I was on stage. I had the mic. Me. I wasn’t announcing anyone. I was the speaker. Ok God, are you saying you want ME to speak for you? Are you sure you’ve got the right person? Have you prayed about this, Lord?

Dream 4 – This was the most recent and most detailed. I was laying in bed with the kids silently praying about our upcoming woman’s conference. God, what is the message you want shared? Who do you want to be involved? You know how sometimes you pray and pray and pray some more and wait a while to hear God’s answer? Not this time. It was instant. Yes. Instant. He gave me the theme and a few pieces of the puzzle. It was almost like an out of body experience (don’t get all weird on me.) There I was, pacing back and forth at church with the mic firmly gripped in my hand. Passionately proclaiming the Word of God. Oooook God, I hear you. Loud and clear. I’ll stop being stubborn. I’ll do this for you, even if it means doing it afraid.

Has God given you a dream? A plan? An idea that you just can’t shake?

Could it be that it’s His perfect plan for your life?

Fast forward. Present time. February 11th, 10:49am, 55 degrees, Trenton, FL. I just got off the phone with a woman who believes God has a divine plan for my life. And what’s crazy? She’s asked me to speak at her woman’s conference.

Fear Not

What’s the topic, you ask? FEAR. Yep. Fear. F-E-A-R. The thing that’s been holding me back. I’ve been afraid to step out. For various reasons, really. My past, my failures, my age..

God is up to something. And if we will step out of our fear and exercise our faith – beautiful things happen.

A woman was healed from a 12-year blood disease in an instant because she stepped beyond fear and grabbed the hem of Jesus’ clothes by faith. A man was healed because his friends weren’t afraid to tear the roof off the place where The Healer was teaching and lower their friend in faith to reach Him. The sun stood still for man named Joshua because he wasn’t afraid a to pray an impossible looking prayer of faith to a God who answered him.

If we want to see God move in a mighty way, we can’t let fear paralyze us. Faith stomps on fear. Faith eats fear for lunch.

And faith causes us to say “Yes, Lord” when someone asks us to share our story at a woman’s conference. About fear. Ohh yes, baby, yes. Only God can do these things. ❤

I’m so humbled, y’all. I’m just a small town girl who serves a big God. A 26-year-old who is ready to leave the past – the ugly, jagged past – behind her and step out in faith. As scary and messy as it looks, I refuse to let fear hold me back. I nailed that to the cross at the last conference.

Saying “yes” when it’s scary precedes big victories in the kingdom of God. Ask Rahab. Moses. Peter. Paul.

Ask Jesus.

All I can say is, GET READY! God is up to something and He wants to use YOU to reach people. Right where you are, right where you’ve been. He wants to turn your mess into a message. Because who knows this place like you do? You’re familiar with the struggles, fears and doubts. God wants to use you, beautiful. He really, really wants to use – y.o.u.

Can we place our faith in the hands of The Potter? Let’s do this together.

Have you stepped out in faith? I’d love to hear your story!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

Fight for your VOICE! <3


We’re kicking it old school today.  You remember The Little Mermaid, right?  All those who were raised in the 90s or raised kids in the 90s said… YEAH!  🙂

Ariel had a problem.  She wasn’t satisfied.  She always wanted more.  Her gidgets and gadgets satisfied only for a short while, so she decided to make a bargain of a lifetime with an evil sea witch.image

She traded her voice for temporary satisfaction.  IF she could score true love’s kiss by sunset on the 3rd day, she was set.  Legs forever and no more fishy fins.  If not, then she was a fish out of water.  To be Ursula’s captive.  F.o.r.e.v.e.r.

Have you found yourself in a fishy situation?  Many times we are faced with a choice.  God’s way vs. our way.  What’s totally awesome is when these two intersect and become one.  When it’s detrimental is when we see God’s way as a hindrance to our way.

Don’t trade your voice for anything, sweet friend.  It’s not worth it.   You won’t be happy until you’re walking the path God has divinely prepared for you and doing the things He has created you to do. 

I unfortunately traded my “voice” back in high school for temporary pleasure.  I did what felt good and cared less about eh consequences.  Until I ruined my reputation.  And was called a hypocrite.  All because I wanted more and I didn’t know that more could really hurt me.

I pray you’re encouraged as you watch this brief video.  My heart has been burning with this message for days now. { If you’re reading this in an email, please click here. }

Do you remember a time when you felt your voice was at stake? 

Struggle to revive your influence? 

Lay it down at the feet of Jesus.  Practice surrender daily.  This walk with The Lord is a marathon, not a sprint.  And when you fall flat on your face, ask forgiveness and get back up.  Fight for your voice.  Fight to maintain your influence on others around you.  They’re watching you.  ❤

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

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Going through the motions? {Special Guest Post by Loretta Yopp}

Welcoming back my friend Loretta Yopp today as she shares her heart on Psalms 49-50!


Psalm 49

“Going to Leave it all Behind”

psalm 49

David is speaking boldly in this chapter, telling men and women regardless of their ranking to listen to the wisdom that God has placed in his heart. David is preparing to instruct the people concerning theirs riches and possessions. The people had begun to put their trust in their worldly possessions and boasting in their riches.

(Vs 6) David starts to inform the people that no matter what you possess in material things that you can’t buy your way to salvation. God cannot be brought with earthly materials. The Bible says “For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.” (1 Cor 15:53 KJV) We all are appointed once to die then judgment… The material things that you have placed your trust will fail you! If the Lord should tarry his coming than this body will one day suffer death and be laid in a grave.

(vs 14) When death comes the only riches we will possess are the ones that we invested in our eternal heritage. The Bible tells us… “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:” (Matt. 6:20) Don’t get David wrong here, God wants his children to be blessed abundantly, but we need to be careful that we don’t get so wrapped up in worldly possessions that we loss sight of who the Giver of all good things is. What are you investing in… corruptible world investments or incorruptible eternal investments? Take a moment to access your investments today, because it’s not too late to start laying up treasures in heaven for yourself.

Psalm 50

“True or False Faith”


This Psalm simply reminds us that there is coming a day of judgment for God’s people. God’s judgment will start with His own children according to 1 Peter 4:17. He begins to show us that at one time God’s people served Him with their whole heart, but at some point they grew cold on God. Sometimes we start going through the motions of serving God and we lose our passion for the things of God. The fire of God that once blazed hot has become a flicker that is warm.

In Revelation God warns against being lukewarm Christians. He even goes as far as to say He would “vomit” them out of His mouth. It is not a time to grow lukewarm or cold on God. You may know 50 scriptures by heart and claim His promises in the Word, but still be filled with deceit and evil refusing to obey God. We will face a day of judgment soon. We will either serve God or serve the world, but we can’t serve both.

According to verse 21, God has seemed to be silent allowing sin to work, causing people to question their faith and trust. God has remained silent withholding judgment in order for His children to repent. God is not going to remain silent forever and there will be a day of judgment.

Has your fire started to flicker? Are you stuck in a rut of the same routine of the “religious obligations”?  It is time to find that consuming fire again. The one that caused you to hunger for the things of God. Do you have true or false Faith?

It is time to ask the Holy Spirit wind to blow on your spiritual fire again. That same wind that “suddenly” blow into that upper room at Pentecost.

God Bless you, Loretta


Do you find yourself going through the motions?  It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut spiritually and you’re left scratching your head wondering how the heck you got there.  It’s time we get fired up for Christ again!  Live like we are here for a reason!  Because – WE ARE!  🙂

The Holy Spirit wants to do a work in you so that a great work for the Lord can be done through you.  But we must be diligent in keeping ourselves on fire for The Lord. 

How do we do that?  I’m so glad you asked.  ❤

Small groups, personal studies, conferences.. There are so many resources out there to help us in our walk with the Lord!

What are your favorite ways to keep the fire burning?  Share below or let’s chat on my Facebook page here!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

The Fight to be Still.. { Special Guest Post by Molly Dragert! }

She Speaks 2014 was such an awesome experience.  The speakers, the praise and worship, and the friendships that were formed..  I highly recommend checking it out and prayerfully considering attending if you’re a writer or a speaker!

Molly and I met at She Speaks and I’m so excited to hear her heart today as she shares for the first time here about Psalms 45-46!  You can click here to join her on her blog as she shares about her struggle to be still.  { No, we didn’t plan it this way for her to speak about this.  How cool is it when God perfectly lines things up like this! }


Psalm 45

Daughters of Kings are among your honored women v9 Did you know that because you are a follower of King Jesus, you are His daughter? Yes you, you are Christ’s daughter?

dok 2

Did you see the specific instruction for you, daughter of the King, it’s hidden within this psalm?

10 Listen, daughter, and pay careful attention: Forget your people and your father’s house. 11 Let the King be enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your Lord.

We have this image of ourselves, of how we think we should look or act or be or do. And unless it’s is matched to God’s truth we fail each time. Some of us struggle with insecurity. Some of us struggle with being enough. Some of us struggle with vanity. Some of us struggle with … you fill in the blank for you.

See for me, I’ve never really thought of myself as much or much to look at. I’ve had numerous people put negative labels on me and try to tell me who I am and who I’m not. And what I look like and what I don’t and it’s created this bubble of insecurity and doubt.

But I read this verse and I’m overwhelmed at how much, just how much my My King, My Father in Heaven adores me and thinks of me as beautiful He thinks the same for you as well.

v 10 – God says look forget what others are saying about you, forget them. Forget those labels someone put on you. Forget these people, even if they are family, forget them. Forget them.

Let the King be enthralled by your beauty. v11

Let the Lord, who created you be enthralled by your beauty.

The world may tell you that you are something you are not. People may throw ugly labels on you because you don’t fit their idea of beauty. You may put ugly labels on yourself because you haven’t seen how your Creator, God, sees you. He is enthralled by your beauty.

He loves to look on you because you are beautiful in His sight. You are worth all the love He has for you and in His sight you are enough.

But wait, I love how God does this all the time in scripture, there is ALWAYS more. He makes a promise then there is work for us to do.

v 11 goes on to tell us honor Him, for He is your Lord.

I think this is to keep us from being too vain, or full of ourselves, or reliant on ourselves for our own beauty. We honor Him, for he is our Lord.

Honor – one of the definitions of honor is “a source of credit or distinction” ( So we acknowledge God for creating us as beautiful and no matter what we look like, scars, birthmarks, deformities and all, we give God the glory and credit of the beauty in which He created us to be.

Lean in and see how your Father God sees you; He is enthralled by your beauty.

We, in turn, honor Him for creating us exactly how we are and accept, hard as it is for us with insecurity issues to do, but we accept and bask a little in the love He has for us as He is enthralled by us.

You are special, You are beautiful And God is enthralled by your beauty.

Spend time in His Presence and just be, let Him tell you just who you are in HIM, how He sees you, How he Loves you, But you have to choose that time, to be quiet, be still and soak in all that He is to you. Let Him tell you. Let Him love you.

dok 1

Psalm 46 There are so many good nuggets of awesome in this whole psalm but I’d like to focus us on two key verses that will radically change your life.

Anyone ever have recurring themes in their life? I don’t mean for a season, but for their whole life? Well I do, and it is “Be Still.”

I’ve been told my whole life that I need to slow down and “be still.” I hear “Be Still” in songs, in conversation, read it in the bible, in other books, hear it on TV. I cannot get away from that “Be Still” command.

I’m the fix it girl if something is broken or there is a rift, or something needs to be done. I’m right there trying to fix it. I figure God gave me problem solving skills for a reason, right? Well what I’ve learned in the last few years is that God is really the fixer of all things and sometimes He chooses me to help Him fix stuff.

Times in my life where the bottom has fallen out and there is no hope and I can’t, for the life of me, take one more day… I force myself to “Be Still.”


Because of these two verses. These two promises.

dok 3

Psalm 46:5 God is in the Midst of her, she shall not be moved God will help her right early [at the dawn of the morning].

If I stand still and wait for the Lord, He comes. In the Midst of me, the middle of me, deep in my soul, He delivers a promise of help.

And I shall not be moved. Because I choose to be still. Because I’m waiting for Him to speak to me. Because I’m listening to what to do next. Because in Him, when I’m still I can hear His promises and not be moved by what the world may say, or the lies that in my head, what they might tell me.

He promises to help and right early, each day is new and while I may have tears and fits the night before, when I’m still and when I let Him quiet me, He promises to help. He promises to sustain.

I just have to be willing to stop the crazy busy ME and make the choice to “Be Still.”

Busy shouldn’t be a badge of honor that we proudly wear. It’s one we were never meant to pick up.

Being still allows God to do His thing for His daughters.

Being still allows you to come to a place of alignment with God. Being still allows you to quiet your worldly self. Being still allows you to get to the point where you can listen to God beckon you into a closer relationship with Him. Being still allows you to be in AWE and recognize God for who He is – God the Almighty, big and AMAZING. Being still allows you to be obedient to do what He has called you to do. Being still allows you endless supply of strength that only King Jesus can bring.

Psalm 46:10 Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth!

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I’m so glad Molly was able to guest post with us today!  I’m telling you what, “be still” has always been one of those commands that I’ve struggled with.  I’m a go-getter.  A fix it girl, much like Molly.

But we will never truly find peace that God has promised us if we cannot find the strength to be still before the Lord.  We must make tie to be still before Him.  Daily.

God’s pretty wild about you, babe.  Pretty crazy wild about you.  Shake off those labels people have attempted to pin on you and walk with your head held high.  You’re a daughter of the King!

I pray you’ve been encouraged today!  Please share with someone and continue to join us as we dive into Psalms and stay firmly rooted in the Word of God in 2015!  Start the conversation below or here on my Facebook page!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

Share the Lord with your children! <3 {Psalms 43-33 – Guest post Debbie Yoerg}

So glad to have my friend, Debbie, back with us today!  She’s sharing her heart on Psalms 43-44.

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Please keep her and her ministry team in your prayers as they prepare to minister this weekend at a local women’s conference!  You can check out her ministry Facebook page here.


Psalm 43- Our Hope is in the Lord

focus as we wait

As we face discouragement let us not lose the hope that is found only in God. The sons of Korah, which are the temple assistants, are believed to be the writers of this Psalm.

❤ V 1- I can feel the Psalmists and his heart crying out to the Lord in the midst of his enemies. He is praying for the Lord’s vindication and strength among these evil people. As they are surrounding him he is wondering where God is and praying for the Lord to rescue him. Can you relate? I know I can. I have felt discouraged and needed the Lord to rescue me in these times.

❤ V 2 – Although we may feel rejected and wondering where the Lord is, we must trust He is with us. He is our stronghold and our strength!

❤ V 3 – When we feel surrounded by darkness and fear, it is God’s truth and light that guides us. I often pray that He will eliminate the next steps to take. I pray this for you, as well, and to step out even afraid as He guides your steps!

❤ V 4 – The Psalmist is filled with faith as he has been praying to the Lord to come to his rescue. When he says in the scripture that he will go to the altar of God, I believe that is the Cross where Jesus sacrificed His life for our sins. We must keep our focus on the Lord as we wait. We must stay very close to Him, laying our sins before Him, at the altar, and rejoicing and praising our God. He is where our help comes from.

❤ V 5 – The question “Why are you downcast, O my soul?” makes me think of the times that I questioned the Lord in my waiting for Him to answer me. I pray for Him to reveal sin to my attention so that I can be quick to repent and lay it down at the Cross. I put my trust and hope in Him, praise Him, and thank Him for hearing my prayers and answering them in His time.

Friends, I pray you are free from any discouragement and know that the Lord is working things out for your good. As you put your trust in the Lord and lay your sins/struggles before Him, praise Him through your circumstances…He is where your hope comes from. Thank Him for His plan in your life which is far better than you can imagine. Take those steps as He illuminates your path.

Psalm 44- Stand Firm in the Lord

share the lord

I sense a plea for victory in these verses from God’s people who are weary and feeling defeated. It is a message of knowing when you feel defeated to remember your past deliverances and stand on the Lord’s promises to pull you through. He is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. (The author of this Psalm is again believed to be the temple assistants, The sons of Korah)

❤ V 1-3- I believe these verses talk about what God has done in past generations and how He saved His people. From generation to generation they praised the goodness of God. Let’s be mindful to share the Lord with our children and testimonies of His faithfulness.

❤ V 4-8- In these verses, he talks about the great things the Lord has done for him. Do you reflect back and see how the Lord has pulled you through? We tend to forget what He has done in our lives when we are in difficult situations. We must take hold of Him and thank Him for revealing Himself to us. Thank Him that you are not where you were when you started your journey with Him. He has you were you are now and continues to move you forward… If you let him!!

❤ V9–16 Ever feel rejected? I know, silly question! David went from praising the Lord to feeling rejected by Him. Everything was going wrong and David wants to know where God is?? Again, I can relate. Truth is, bad things do happen but it is in these times that we must be intentional in snuggling close to the Lord. It is essential that we not lose sight of the Lord… He is our focus and our eyes must be on Him!

❤ V 17- 22- Tells me that no matter what comes at us we must not forget who our God is and to keep our eyes on Him.

❤ V23-26 – I hear the pleading in these verses of God’s people calling out for God to move mightily on their behalf. For the Lord’s promises and truth to be revealed. Ever felt this way; pleading for the Lord to come and answer your prayer according to what you want or need? I confess that I have. I’ve wondered, “Do you hear me, Lord”? “Where are You”? I believe this Psalm hits home for all of us. The end of it I find abrupt and unsettling as David is pleading desperately.

In this study, I found that the place of desperation and crying out to the Lord is where we need to be BUT to trust that He is there and hears your heart’s cry! He is right here alongside of you. Scripture says, He will never leave you or forsake you. Praise Him in the midst of uncertainties, thank Him and know that He is GOD.

Father, I thank you for these messages of pressing in and trusting you. I pray Your people seek Your face and in spite of their cries in the midst of difficult situations I pray they rest in You and not lose focus of Who You are! What You begin, You complete and ALL things work together to bring You glory. Thank you for your deliverance’s and our testimonies of overcoming. Help us to not lose sight of those victories. I pray Your people receive Your Word as truth and stand on it declaring their victory in You… In Jesus Name I pray… Amen ❤


I love what Debbie said about sharing the Lord with our children.  They need to see how God has rescued us.  They need to hear of his faithfulness.  They need these testimonies to build their faith.  And so do we.

Are we effectively sharing the Lord with those around us?  They so desperately need the encouragement.  And quite frankly, we could use the practice.  😉

Chime in below or here on my Facebook page.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

Men will fail you, but GOD never will! {Special Guest Post – Cheryl Von Eime}


I’m excited to introduce to you my friend, Cheryl, a first time contributor here!  It’s such an honor to have her with us today!  She has followed  my writing for a long time.  ❤  A pastor’s wife, Premiere Jewelry consultant, and prayer warrior, this woman is ready to rock and roll today!

You ready to dig in?



In these first 3 verses, David is reminding us of all the blessings God has promised to those who regard (care for) the weak. Now this weak means poor, broken, sick, those in the ditch, those that everyone rejects – yeah, that one! This is where we sometimes miss the mark. Do we pick up the wounded and weary, or do we walk by and leave them in the ditch? God says He’ll give back to you what you give.

In verses 4-9, David begs for mercy. All his enemies slander him and even his closest friend had betrayed him. Ever been there? Psalm 55:12 says, “if an enemy were insulting me, I could endure it; if a foe were rising against me, I could hide. 13 But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, my close friend with whom I one enjoyed sweet fellowship….”  Let me say, the pain of betrayal is excruciating.  Man will fail you, but GOD NEVER WILL! And because of Him, the enemy will not triumph over you. Praise be to God!

How many of us have yearned for God in the midst of distress? In the darkest days of my life, I, like David in vs 1-4 cried out to God day and night. My tears flowed constantly.  I sought Him with everything in me. I was mourning a great loss.  But GOD heard my every cry. Did you know He bottles our tears? And He came to my rescue! Amen!

David was grieving because he had lost the freedom of corporate worship. Like us, he was looking back at what he had. He remembered going to the house of God and praising and worshipping with friends and family.  His heart was broken, his friends gone, and he couldn’t go home. It was too much.  All his troubles were crashing in on Him. He was looking back, looking back at what he lost.

Sometimes we spend so much time looking at what we had that we miss what God has for us in the future. But then, in the deepest part of His spirit, David remembers the God he serves, “I will praise Him!” He said, “why am I so down? My hope is in my God, He is my Rock.” Hallelujah!

So Lord, we thank You that in our most desperate times, we can call out to You and you hear us and have mercy on us. You rescue us from our enemies and restore us. Hallelujah!


Cheryl has such an incredible testimony of how God can redeem what the enemy has stolen from us!

Like she said, it’s easy to look back at what we had versus what’s ahead of us.   But perhaps this is why the front windshield is larger than the rear view mirror on a car.  We have to keep looking forward.  Don’t let the enemy keep you replaying the past.  Keep moving forward. 

I want to close out this post today with “Moving Forward” by Israel Houghton.  Let’s keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward! ❤

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

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