Get. Back. Up.

Rubbing those little knees, I watched my baby dust off the dirt from where he hit the ground running mid-field. About half a minute went by and he was down again.

His face flushed red and puffed with a grunt, the sun beaming in his eyes. I watched from the sidelines waiting to see what my little firecracker would do next.

Still rubbing sore knees, he did exactly what I hoped he would do. He got back up. And then he tried again.

There was no scene made. Mama didn’t rush in and scoop him up. He acknowledged it hurt, did what he needed to clean himself up then got back to it.

When the whistle blew and a dozen 7 year olds scattered for fresh water, I watched that little rascal run with all his might, come grab a swig from the water bottle and run back to take his place on defense.

And there it was. God’s sweet whisper.

Keep getting up.

Keep showing up.

Keep trying.

Keep fighting.

Keep praying.

No matter how hard you get kicked or how brutally life knocks the wind out of you. No matter how many times you find yourself on the ground with a mouth full of dirt.

Get. Back. Up.

People need you on that field doing what you were placed on this earth for – to do your part and go for the goal. To run your race with every fiber of your being. Don’t think we’re all going to arrive with white polished shoes and Sunday’s best.

Y’all I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some scuff marks, bumps, bruises and scars. Many of which have been visible for the world to see.

You may have hit the ground more than you can count. Or maybe you have been counting and that’s what makes each blow even more painful.

I asked Peyton why he got back up. His simple laugh and smile did it for me – “Cause, mama, I couldn’t just tell the coach I quit. I had to get back in the game.”

Don’t you dare quit today. Don’t you dare throw in the towel. It may be full of blood, sweat, snot and salty tears but don’t let it count you out. A wise friend of mine often reminds us, “God never wastes a hurt.” If God doesn’t waste it, I sure don’t want to waste it either.

Maybe you’re reading this and you’re feeling pretty bruised up and fighting to find your will to keep on fighting.

You can’t quit. You can’t give up. Finish the race you started.





You’ve got this. ❤️


2 responses to “Get. Back. Up.”

  1. Good read sister. Glad to see you writing. Press on 

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  2. Hope you’re doing well sweet lady! It’s been a while. We need to catch up! ❤️


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