Little Joy Thief

Real Life:

  • yesterday’s makeup fading
  • laundry that’s been on my bed all week (at least it’s clean!)
  • sink full of dishes and Saturday’s stuck on lasagna
  • weird smell in garage..
  • wacky hair
  • couch also full of laundry (folded! winning!)

Can we be real this morning? Not everything you see on social media represents their daily grind. You see what people want you to see.

Yes we took the fam to the beach yesterday but you don’t see sandy, damp truck seats or messy bathrooms after showers. You see smiles but you don’t see complaints from the kids about who threw sand.

Right before sand wars. Insert deep breath prior to little screams.

Stop comparing yourself with someone’s highlight real. It’s. Not. Real. And it is a quick joy stealer.

Embrace the mess and sticky hugs and where you are, mama. It won’t always be like this. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll miss this season.

Invite that mama over. Enjoy some conversation. Grab somebody and walk this out together. Because I promise you this – that other mama has been praying someone else would reach out and make her feel like she’s not the only one. ❤️

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Be real, mama. Or bruh. Or whatever your kids are calling you these days. 😂

– Britt xo

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