Current situation…..

Not going to lie, this afternoon has been a bit cray.

My little people have been off the chain. (Did I miss a full moon somewhere?)

Loud, crazy, messy and did I say LOUD?

They raised their voices. I raised mine. No one was being heard. Tiny people quickly release those frustrations and they look to us for help to regroup.

But today this mama was tired…

Tired is one of the biggest enemies of our souls.

When we’re tired, we don’t guard our mouths as well. When we’re tired, we don’t come across as gracious. When we’re tired, we let our guard down and sin can creep in. And baby that mouth again..

Honey, if you’re tired, step back and check out for a minute. My kids are inside playing now. (I think.. I don’t hear any screaming so I think we’re good..) Sometimes you need a quiet moment all swaddled in a hammock just watching the clouds as the breeze refreshes your dry, parched soul.

Are you tired?

Matthew 11:28 says to come to him and he will give you rest.

Part of that coming to him means we have to step away from the chaos so we can hear his still small voice speaking sweet, redemptive peace over us.

Check out for a minute. I promise the world can wait.

Life Life Unscripted,


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