Hey sweet mama friend.. we need each other <3

Hey my new mama friend! I’m SO glad you’re here! Chances are, you may have just ordered your fresh off the press Real Mom Moments book, and for that I am so grateful we’ve found each other!

I’m really just a mom, JUST. LIKE. YOU. My kids are messy, crazy and don’t pick up their crap. (Yes, we say “crap” here.) They’re wide open, love big and drive us nuts all at the same time. Sound familiar? Mercy, I hope so.. I really think we’re all a bit more alike than we’d like to admit. šŸ™‚

I really just wanted to take a minute to pop on and introduce myself and this nifty little book in your hands. My hubs, 3 kiddos and pup and I live in sunny Florida. We’re both full time nurses and full time parents. We love to spend time outside in the sunshine, have epic game nights, and play FortNite.

This devo book came out of the ordinary, everyday moments of motherhood – the scariest HOOD there is, y’all! Motherhood is so beautifully unique to us all. We all do things differently and all come from different backgrounds. I’m so thankful God chooses to speak to us in the everyday moments, too often we take for granted.

I pray that you find peace in today, wherever it finds you. Today, I made a few minutes to sneak outside while the littles were in school and relax in the hammock playing catchup on our small group bible study (we’d love to have you at Wisdom Seekers on FB! We’re studying Esther right now. It’s been awesome so far!). You have to make time for you, girl. You HAVE to. Or you won’t be any good for your people.

It’s time to run and get the little people from school. In the meantime, I’d LOVE to get to know you! How did you come across this blog? Where did you get your book? Tell me something about yourself! Can’t wait to get to know you, mama! ā¤

Live Life Unscripted,

ā¤ Britt

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