A little goes a looong way

Sometimes we make things so complicated. Our kids aren’t looking for the next Pinterest worthy accolade. Sometimes it’s a simple love note in a lunch box or crayon doodles on the back of a paper plate waiting to surprise them when they get up in the morning for their first day of school.

It’s so easy to criticize. I’ll hang my head low with guilt on that one.. smh.. but when God reminds you that we all need some grace and encouragement and creativity, you break out the kids craft box and store brand paper plates and get to work.

How can we make a difference today? What if we started at home?

So many are hurting. So many desperately need a kind word and a warm “I care and I’m here” smile. It’s good to help others, don’t get me wrong. I just hate we miss so many opportunities to share these kinds of good vibes and words on the home front. I think we think the mission field is “out there” and so far away but we miss our mission behind closed doors.

God, help us worn out mamas and daddies tonight to dig in a little deeper and find a way to knock our kids socks off with how much we love them tomorrow. Let each day be an exciting challenge to see how much we can make them smile and light up! Help us start today. Start small. Start humbly. Start impacting the ones You have entrusted us with. Help us cut back on the criticism and crank up the encouragement! Help us raise tiny planet shakers who are ready to share Your love and good news with the world! I pray we can raise encouragers and world changers!

Well, how about you, friend? I want to know – How do you encourage your kids? What do you do to let them know they’re special?

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Live Life Unscripted,

Britt ❤

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