Little Victories

Today, it happened. And I can’t contain myself!  

Today, I stepped on the scale and lost it. It’s not as easy to lose the weight after baby # 3 and God knows I’ve been trying. And today it has finally paid off. I’ve lost…. Not 20.. Not 15… No, not even 10.

 I’ve lost…….5…… Pounds. And I am thrilled to pieces. 

It’s only 5 pounds, you say? I know, I know. It’s nothing “major,” right?    

Well it may not appear to be, but it’s a start. And a start that took me right to this little beauty in Zechariah 4:10. The New Living Translation captures it best.  
“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin..”  

#happydance #yes #omgyes 

This time it’s 5 pounds. Next time maybe it’ll show I’ve lost 7 pounds. Eventually I will be at my goal weight. Eventually is ok. Progress is ok. At least it’s moving forward in the right direction.  

And that’s where I want to encourage you this morning. Celebrate the small victories. The little things.  

The OMG-he-finally-went-potty-on-the-frog-potty!  

The I-haven’t-had-a-cigarette-in-24-hours!

The food-does-not-control-me-when-I-am-emotional-today! 

Have a mini dance party when you experience the small victories! Because they are all blessings along the journey! Don’t wait until the BIG THING you’ve been praying for comes blowing through your door. Celebrate the little things. The things that other may miss because to some they appear insignificant.  

That one kid in your home room who has been on your heart since August who is finally turning the corner. The husband who you’ve been praying about for years who hasn’t picked up a beer in two weeks. That wayward child who has left you sobbing and begging God for when they’re out all hours of the night who came home tonight because they’re craving homemade smoothies.  

Don’t wait for the next big thing. Celebrate NOW. Thank God NOW. Because He and all of heaven are rejoicing that the work has begun. And beginnings are required for progress to take place.  

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

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