1am Jesus.  

I can’t sleep, even though my eyes are burning like crazy.   

Laying here listening to the silence that 1am brings, my heart is pounding out of my chest to get this message out.   

Regardless of how many times we fail God, He NEVER fails us.  In fact, He sent His only son, Jesus, to be born into this jacked up world just to die for us.   

I’m so humbled tonight thinking how Jesus knew our sin long before we wallowed in it.  He knew the mess that would be turned into a message and the test that would produce the testimony.  

He knew it all.  Inside and out.  Fears, tears and doubts.  He knew us.   And ohhhhh to be known by the One who came to set us free..  

Do we really grasp the magnitude of this? 

He knew the bondage He came to set us free from and He knew how tightly we would hold on to our captivity.  

Heck, even the Israelites did it.  They had a taste of freedom but complained to Moses when they got tired of the manna God sent down from Heaven.   

I knew I couldn’t snuggle under the covers until I shared this that God burned into my heart tonight.   I pray it rocks you to your very core like it did me tonight.  At 1am.   I’m so in awe of our Savior.   

Here goes.  



King of kings 
Left royalty behind 
To be of a virgin 
Laid in a manger 
No room for Him then
No room for Him now 
Left Heaven’s throne 
To take upon flesh 
Walk among us 
Call fishers of men 
Turn this world upside down 
In awe of Him then 
In awe of Him now 
Set free the captives 
Made well the sick 
Defended the weak 
Sat with the sinners 
Fasted in the desert 
Some followed Him then 
Some follow Him now 
Son of God 
Son of man 
God’s only son 
Man’s only Savior 
Our only hope 
Fully God 
Fully man 
Loves the unloveable 
Teaches the unteachable 
Reaches the unreachable 
Saves the lost 
Paid the cost 
Ultimate sacrifice 
Ultimate salvation 
No sin too great 
No soul too fake 
He sees all 
Knows all 
And yet still paid it all 
He paid your price 
Sacrificed His life 
You can accept 
Or deny 
Mock, doubt 
Or believe lies 
He gave His life for you 
And left the choice in your hands 
Now it’s up to you to choose

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