The Fight to be Still.. { Special Guest Post by Molly Dragert! }

She Speaks 2014 was such an awesome experience.  The speakers, the praise and worship, and the friendships that were formed..  I highly recommend checking it out and prayerfully considering attending if you’re a writer or a speaker!

Molly and I met at She Speaks and I’m so excited to hear her heart today as she shares for the first time here about Psalms 45-46!  You can click here to join her on her blog as she shares about her struggle to be still.  { No, we didn’t plan it this way for her to speak about this.  How cool is it when God perfectly lines things up like this! }


Psalm 45

Daughters of Kings are among your honored women v9 Did you know that because you are a follower of King Jesus, you are His daughter? Yes you, you are Christ’s daughter?

dok 2

Did you see the specific instruction for you, daughter of the King, it’s hidden within this psalm?

10 Listen, daughter, and pay careful attention: Forget your people and your father’s house. 11 Let the King be enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your Lord.

We have this image of ourselves, of how we think we should look or act or be or do. And unless it’s is matched to God’s truth we fail each time. Some of us struggle with insecurity. Some of us struggle with being enough. Some of us struggle with vanity. Some of us struggle with … you fill in the blank for you.

See for me, I’ve never really thought of myself as much or much to look at. I’ve had numerous people put negative labels on me and try to tell me who I am and who I’m not. And what I look like and what I don’t and it’s created this bubble of insecurity and doubt.

But I read this verse and I’m overwhelmed at how much, just how much my My King, My Father in Heaven adores me and thinks of me as beautiful He thinks the same for you as well.

v 10 – God says look forget what others are saying about you, forget them. Forget those labels someone put on you. Forget these people, even if they are family, forget them. Forget them.

Let the King be enthralled by your beauty. v11

Let the Lord, who created you be enthralled by your beauty.

The world may tell you that you are something you are not. People may throw ugly labels on you because you don’t fit their idea of beauty. You may put ugly labels on yourself because you haven’t seen how your Creator, God, sees you. He is enthralled by your beauty.

He loves to look on you because you are beautiful in His sight. You are worth all the love He has for you and in His sight you are enough.

But wait, I love how God does this all the time in scripture, there is ALWAYS more. He makes a promise then there is work for us to do.

v 11 goes on to tell us honor Him, for He is your Lord.

I think this is to keep us from being too vain, or full of ourselves, or reliant on ourselves for our own beauty. We honor Him, for he is our Lord.

Honor – one of the definitions of honor is “a source of credit or distinction” ( So we acknowledge God for creating us as beautiful and no matter what we look like, scars, birthmarks, deformities and all, we give God the glory and credit of the beauty in which He created us to be.

Lean in and see how your Father God sees you; He is enthralled by your beauty.

We, in turn, honor Him for creating us exactly how we are and accept, hard as it is for us with insecurity issues to do, but we accept and bask a little in the love He has for us as He is enthralled by us.

You are special, You are beautiful And God is enthralled by your beauty.

Spend time in His Presence and just be, let Him tell you just who you are in HIM, how He sees you, How he Loves you, But you have to choose that time, to be quiet, be still and soak in all that He is to you. Let Him tell you. Let Him love you.

dok 1

Psalm 46 There are so many good nuggets of awesome in this whole psalm but I’d like to focus us on two key verses that will radically change your life.

Anyone ever have recurring themes in their life? I don’t mean for a season, but for their whole life? Well I do, and it is “Be Still.”

I’ve been told my whole life that I need to slow down and “be still.” I hear “Be Still” in songs, in conversation, read it in the bible, in other books, hear it on TV. I cannot get away from that “Be Still” command.

I’m the fix it girl if something is broken or there is a rift, or something needs to be done. I’m right there trying to fix it. I figure God gave me problem solving skills for a reason, right? Well what I’ve learned in the last few years is that God is really the fixer of all things and sometimes He chooses me to help Him fix stuff.

Times in my life where the bottom has fallen out and there is no hope and I can’t, for the life of me, take one more day… I force myself to “Be Still.”


Because of these two verses. These two promises.

dok 3

Psalm 46:5 God is in the Midst of her, she shall not be moved God will help her right early [at the dawn of the morning].

If I stand still and wait for the Lord, He comes. In the Midst of me, the middle of me, deep in my soul, He delivers a promise of help.

And I shall not be moved. Because I choose to be still. Because I’m waiting for Him to speak to me. Because I’m listening to what to do next. Because in Him, when I’m still I can hear His promises and not be moved by what the world may say, or the lies that in my head, what they might tell me.

He promises to help and right early, each day is new and while I may have tears and fits the night before, when I’m still and when I let Him quiet me, He promises to help. He promises to sustain.

I just have to be willing to stop the crazy busy ME and make the choice to “Be Still.”

Busy shouldn’t be a badge of honor that we proudly wear. It’s one we were never meant to pick up.

Being still allows God to do His thing for His daughters.

Being still allows you to come to a place of alignment with God. Being still allows you to quiet your worldly self. Being still allows you to get to the point where you can listen to God beckon you into a closer relationship with Him. Being still allows you to be in AWE and recognize God for who He is – God the Almighty, big and AMAZING. Being still allows you to be obedient to do what He has called you to do. Being still allows you endless supply of strength that only King Jesus can bring.

Psalm 46:10 Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth!

dok 4


I’m so glad Molly was able to guest post with us today!  I’m telling you what, “be still” has always been one of those commands that I’ve struggled with.  I’m a go-getter.  A fix it girl, much like Molly.

But we will never truly find peace that God has promised us if we cannot find the strength to be still before the Lord.  We must make tie to be still before Him.  Daily.

God’s pretty wild about you, babe.  Pretty crazy wild about you.  Shake off those labels people have attempted to pin on you and walk with your head held high.  You’re a daughter of the King!

I pray you’ve been encouraged today!  Please share with someone and continue to join us as we dive into Psalms and stay firmly rooted in the Word of God in 2015!  Start the conversation below or here on my Facebook page!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany


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