Share the Lord with your children! <3 {Psalms 43-33 – Guest post Debbie Yoerg}

So glad to have my friend, Debbie, back with us today!  She’s sharing her heart on Psalms 43-44.

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Please keep her and her ministry team in your prayers as they prepare to minister this weekend at a local women’s conference!  You can check out her ministry Facebook page here.


Psalm 43- Our Hope is in the Lord

focus as we wait

As we face discouragement let us not lose the hope that is found only in God. The sons of Korah, which are the temple assistants, are believed to be the writers of this Psalm.

❤ V 1- I can feel the Psalmists and his heart crying out to the Lord in the midst of his enemies. He is praying for the Lord’s vindication and strength among these evil people. As they are surrounding him he is wondering where God is and praying for the Lord to rescue him. Can you relate? I know I can. I have felt discouraged and needed the Lord to rescue me in these times.

❤ V 2 – Although we may feel rejected and wondering where the Lord is, we must trust He is with us. He is our stronghold and our strength!

❤ V 3 – When we feel surrounded by darkness and fear, it is God’s truth and light that guides us. I often pray that He will eliminate the next steps to take. I pray this for you, as well, and to step out even afraid as He guides your steps!

❤ V 4 – The Psalmist is filled with faith as he has been praying to the Lord to come to his rescue. When he says in the scripture that he will go to the altar of God, I believe that is the Cross where Jesus sacrificed His life for our sins. We must keep our focus on the Lord as we wait. We must stay very close to Him, laying our sins before Him, at the altar, and rejoicing and praising our God. He is where our help comes from.

❤ V 5 – The question “Why are you downcast, O my soul?” makes me think of the times that I questioned the Lord in my waiting for Him to answer me. I pray for Him to reveal sin to my attention so that I can be quick to repent and lay it down at the Cross. I put my trust and hope in Him, praise Him, and thank Him for hearing my prayers and answering them in His time.

Friends, I pray you are free from any discouragement and know that the Lord is working things out for your good. As you put your trust in the Lord and lay your sins/struggles before Him, praise Him through your circumstances…He is where your hope comes from. Thank Him for His plan in your life which is far better than you can imagine. Take those steps as He illuminates your path.

Psalm 44- Stand Firm in the Lord

share the lord

I sense a plea for victory in these verses from God’s people who are weary and feeling defeated. It is a message of knowing when you feel defeated to remember your past deliverances and stand on the Lord’s promises to pull you through. He is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. (The author of this Psalm is again believed to be the temple assistants, The sons of Korah)

❤ V 1-3- I believe these verses talk about what God has done in past generations and how He saved His people. From generation to generation they praised the goodness of God. Let’s be mindful to share the Lord with our children and testimonies of His faithfulness.

❤ V 4-8- In these verses, he talks about the great things the Lord has done for him. Do you reflect back and see how the Lord has pulled you through? We tend to forget what He has done in our lives when we are in difficult situations. We must take hold of Him and thank Him for revealing Himself to us. Thank Him that you are not where you were when you started your journey with Him. He has you were you are now and continues to move you forward… If you let him!!

❤ V9–16 Ever feel rejected? I know, silly question! David went from praising the Lord to feeling rejected by Him. Everything was going wrong and David wants to know where God is?? Again, I can relate. Truth is, bad things do happen but it is in these times that we must be intentional in snuggling close to the Lord. It is essential that we not lose sight of the Lord… He is our focus and our eyes must be on Him!

❤ V 17- 22- Tells me that no matter what comes at us we must not forget who our God is and to keep our eyes on Him.

❤ V23-26 – I hear the pleading in these verses of God’s people calling out for God to move mightily on their behalf. For the Lord’s promises and truth to be revealed. Ever felt this way; pleading for the Lord to come and answer your prayer according to what you want or need? I confess that I have. I’ve wondered, “Do you hear me, Lord”? “Where are You”? I believe this Psalm hits home for all of us. The end of it I find abrupt and unsettling as David is pleading desperately.

In this study, I found that the place of desperation and crying out to the Lord is where we need to be BUT to trust that He is there and hears your heart’s cry! He is right here alongside of you. Scripture says, He will never leave you or forsake you. Praise Him in the midst of uncertainties, thank Him and know that He is GOD.

Father, I thank you for these messages of pressing in and trusting you. I pray Your people seek Your face and in spite of their cries in the midst of difficult situations I pray they rest in You and not lose focus of Who You are! What You begin, You complete and ALL things work together to bring You glory. Thank you for your deliverance’s and our testimonies of overcoming. Help us to not lose sight of those victories. I pray Your people receive Your Word as truth and stand on it declaring their victory in You… In Jesus Name I pray… Amen ❤


I love what Debbie said about sharing the Lord with our children.  They need to see how God has rescued us.  They need to hear of his faithfulness.  They need these testimonies to build their faith.  And so do we.

Are we effectively sharing the Lord with those around us?  They so desperately need the encouragement.  And quite frankly, we could use the practice.  😉

Chime in below or here on my Facebook page.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

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