I want to welcome back my friend, Loretta Yopp tonight as she shares her heart on Psalms 35-36!

——— Loretta Yopp – Psalms 35-36 ———

Growing Weary in the Battle!!

Psalm 35

️Verses 1-12: Have you every became so weary in the battle that you plead with God just to fight for you? David had grown weary in this battle and he is pleading with God to fight for him. You must remember David was anointed King but now he finds himself literally running for his own life. David has tried to do God’s ideal plan but finds himself being falsely accused. David is pleading with God to take the enemy out!

Be honest how many has prayed a prayer similar to this? Okay I am raising my hand! It is the human part of us that feels beaten down at times. When we pray for justice to be done, we are actually praying as David prayed.

I like that David is showing us his raw emotions. Because so many times we as Christians think we are suppose to remain strong and no one is ever allowed to see our weakness. We all have weak moments in life and we crumble under the weight of the battle, but I like what Paul says “in our weakness then we are made strong!”

️Verses 13-20: Did God really not answer David’s prayers? No, God hears every prayer that is prayed. In all of God’s perfect wisdom He answers prayers. God wants us to trust Him even when we don’t see an immediate answer to our prayers. When God seems to delay His response to your prayers, then take those moments to deepen your faith in Him.

️Verses 21-28; Don’t get so caught up in the battle that you set your heart to get revenge. It is okay to ask God to fight the battle for you. You may be in a place like David found himself just trust God and hold on to His unchanging hand. Remember what God promised in Psalm 23 “He will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies!”

So if you find yourself being accused wrongly don’t be afraid to ask God to intervene and fight on your behalf.

Psalm 36: The Fountain of Life


️️Verses 1-4: We live in a world that has turned their back on God. There is no fear of who God is. Our Government has went against the very core foundation that this great nation was founded on. The Bible states that “in the last days it shall be as in the days of Noah.” People are sinning as if nothing will happen to them. Judgement day is coming, because God is just and faithful.

️Verses 5-7: These few verses are a clear picture of the one true King. God is merciful, faithful, and righteous! God will triumph over the wickedness of these last days! Yes evil will come but it will surely end in failure. We will be vindicated so we need not fear what man can do to us.

Verses 9-12: The “fountain of life” .. what an awesome picture of who God is. In Jeremiah 2:13 God is called the fountain of living waters. I find myself closing my eyes and seeing this beautiful waterfall flowing down wanting nothing more than to stand under the flow. God’s love, mercy and grace is refreshing and cleansing to our very soul.

Stand firm under the “Fountain of Life” today, allowing the waters of refreshing to flow over you! Let it cleanse out every impurity of sin!

Thanks Brittany for allowing me to write my thoughts!

God bless,
I love this sweet woman’s insight on Psalms! Thank you, Loretta for guest posting today!


When I think of water, I instantly think of refreshing. God’s presence is a fountain of living water that refreshes our aching hearts.

Like Loretta said, sometimes we grow weary in the battle. It’s in these times when His presence is so refreshing. ?That living water flows into the deepest caverns of our hearts and brings healing and restoration.

Drink deep from this living water today. Don’t settle for anything less than God’s best. Nothing can satisfy like being refreshed in His presence!

What spoke to you today? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!

It’s not too late to invite a friend to join us on our Psalms study!

Live Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany

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