In His Hands { Psalm 29-32 }

God is SO on time, isn’t He?

You’re struggling with doubt, and BOOM!  Your daily reading brings you to something that has to do with trusting in The Lord and leaning not to your own understanding.

Dealing with sickness and the Kari Jobe song “Healer” comes on Pandora.  #mindblown

He knows us.  He searches our hearts.  He knows the precise number of hairs on our head (or lack there of) and how many times we have inhaled and filled our lungs with oxygen today.

God is no stranger to our struggles.  He sent His only Son, Jesus, to come put on flesh and blood and live like we live.  Eat what we eat.  He is familiar with our humanity. 

Today we’re jumping head first into Psalm 29-32!  Shall we?

Psalm 29 speaks a lot of God’s majestic power.  At the sound of His voice, desserts quake and forests writhe and split apart like mere toothpicks.  We.  Serve.  A.  Mighty.  GOD.  Give Him glory!

I love the words of encouragement in Psalm 30.  “Sorrow may last for a night, but JOY comes in the morning.”  Honey, that hellacious storm that’s staring you down has no match for the joy that’s coming!   Anchor yourself to the Rock until the winds and rains cease.   And remember, we weren’t made to conquer every storm.  But we were made to outlast.  { Those wise words came from my husband during his sermon the other night.  I can’t take credit for that one. ❤ }

I couldn’t wait to share this video with you on Psalms 31!  God burned verses 8 and 15 into my heart today.  Over and over today, I’ve been reminded that we have not been handed over to the enemy.  We are safe and secure in the palm of His hand.

Don’t let the enemy have the upper hand thinking he’s got you where he wants you.  We serve a MIGHTY God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever ask or think! {Ephesians 3:20}

Psalms 32 reminds us that we can’t hide our junk from God.  It’s time to make it right.  TODAY.  What if tomorrow doesn’t come and you’re left holding a lifetime full of dirty laundry that hasn’t been through the wash cycle?  Sins that haven’t been accounted for yet? Im sorry‘s that never made it past our lips?

He is forgiving if you want to be forgiven.

Freedom comes with forgiveness.

Are you walking in freedom or chained in bondage?

I pray you’ve been encouraged and empowered as you’ve been digging those roots firmly in the Word of God!  Psalms is so encouraging and raw and so real.

It’s not too late to join us!  Grab a study buddy, a cup of hot chocolate and the Word.  Let’s continue to dive in together, shall we?  Chime in below or head to my Facebook page here!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

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