The Antidote for Fear is FAITH! { Special Guest Post from Debbie Yoerg on Psalms 27-28 }

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{ Special Guest Post – Debbie Yoerg – Psalms 27-28 }

Psalm 27:

The Lord is my light and my salvation

antidote for fear

One of my favorite Psalms is 27 and falls on the day that I am sharing with all of you. Every word of this Psalm is highlighted in yellow and has been meaningful for me to reflect back to over the years. I pray these insights bless you!

❤ Verse 1-3- I am reminded that because the Lord is the light of my salvation I have nothing and no one to fear! The antidote for fear is faith… He is our help in the moment and our hope as we move forward in Him. He is our strength! It is by trusting the Lord that we can face our enemies and conquer our fear. We are safe in His covering. ❤

❤ Verse 4-9- Do you desperately want to be in the presence of the Lord? I know I do! My heart cries to be in His presence; to seek His face, and to trust His protective covering over me. As I snuggle close to Him I find He does lift my head and holds my face in His hands. I can envision that as He tells me He loves me. My friend, He is the place to run to, He is your hiding place, He is your source of strength. He wants to reveal Himself to you. He is faithful as you draw close to Him. I pray you feel His presence and rejoice in knowing His unconditional love for you as you soak up His peace in the midst of circumstances.

❤ Verse 10-12- To be forsaken by a parent is so sad.  The scripture tells us that the Lord can heal the pain that lingers throughout the years. The Lord can take that place in our lives that have been wounded and draw us close to Him. He can fill the voids and heal hearts. If we receive His healing and let Him guide our steps, He will set our feet on His path for our lives as we seek His face. He is the Father to the fatherless and has adopted us as His sons and daughters! What the enemy meant for evil the Lord will use for good if we let Him.

❤ Verse 13-14- Despite the trials that David was going through, he chose to be confident that the Lord was present and helping him through his trial. David also learned to wait for the Lord and in His timing. Praise the Lord through your circumstances, trust that He has you in the palm of His hand protecting you and in His timing will pull you through and bless you for waiting on Him. I pray you grab a hold of this promise He is giving you and boldly trust Him in the midst of your trial! God is faithful!

Psalm 28:

Heart of worship is prayer


This Psalm teaches us that prayer is so essential to our relationship with Jesus. It is our heart communicating with the Lord, who is your very best friend and true source of strength. Prayer is a lifestyle and our worship to the Lord!

❤ Verse 1-2- I know I am not alone when I say I understand David’s cry to be heard by the Lord. It is a place of total surrender for me to pour out my heart and to hear the Lord’s still small voice as I draw close to the Lord in prayer. I know that is your heart’s cry, too! Please rest in knowing that He does hear you… You matter so much to Him!

❤ Verse 3-5- I feel for David as he is learning about friendships and how some are hurtful. The Lord has revealed this to me in my own life. I have found that some friendships have been wolves in sheep’s clothing; deceived by their friendship of their true agenda. The Lord has taught me much in this area and I thank Him for His wisdom and discernment to reveal those things in the spirit what I couldn’t see in the flesh. As the Lord teaches you to set boundaries, release these people to the Lord, pray blessings over them, and let go.

❤ Verse 6-9- Be encouraged, my friend, that the Lord does hear your cries and the desires of your heart. Give Him thanks in ALL circumstances! He is protecting you and strengthening you to take you deeper and to new levels of intimacy with Him. Grab a hold of Him, hold on tight and watch what the Lord will do as He continues to bring you into your position in His Kingdom.

Father, I thank you for Your promises to us! I pray your people grasp how much you love them and that their strength is ONLY found in You. You are their hiding place! You raise them up in the midst of enemies and trials! You may be silent at times but You are working things out on their behalf. Help your people to wait on You and in the waiting to be content and at peace. You hear their cries and hold them close! Help them to see what they cannot see in the flesh. I pray for wisdom and discernment as you reveal things to them. Thank you, Lord!! Pour out Your love over your people and I pray their hearts are filled with Your Holy Spirit as they bask in Your presence and the joy of their salvation. In Jesus Name I pray… Amen ❤


“The antidote for fear is faith.”  I absolutely LOVE this.  Partially because in my own life, I have been stepping way out of my comfort zone.  Like, waaaay out.  One thing I’ve learned is that God steadies our steps when they’re taken in faith.  Faith > fear.

God likes to stretch us from where our fear holds us captive to where He knows we will walk by faith and freedom. He’s a pretty smart guy.  😉

We’d love to hear what spoke to you in your quiet time today!  Start the conversation below or here on my Facebook page! 

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany


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