When it’s better to follow than lead. {Special Guest Post by Meredith Bernard on Psalms 23-24}

I’m so excited you’ve joined us today!   Ready to dive in?  Let me introduce our special guest poster today.  🙂

Meredith Bernard and I met at She Speaks 2014 in Concord, NC.  Two writers on a mission to step out of their comfort zones, we definitely found ourselves blessed beyond measure to be trained by some of the most genuine God-girls on the planet.  Please check out her blog and stellar photography skills as she serves through pen and lens at www.meredithbenard.com !

————- Guest Post by Meredith Bernard – Psalms 23-24—————

When it’s better to follow than lead.

He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness for His names sake.”

Psalms 23:2-3

I’m not very good at following directions, because I’m not very good at receiving them.

I’m the (annoying) person that would rather try to figure something out myself than read the instruction manual. I’m also the one that believes all roads lead somewhere…so even if I take the wrong one, I’m bound to find my way out eventually.

In as much as I like to do things my own way, there are many times I would just assume follow the crowd as to try to lead one. I’m a walking, talking oxymoron. (Some days minus the “oxy.”)  

An introverted extrovert.

Someone who hates talking on the phone, but once on the phone forgets how to stop talking.

A follower who would rather lead; but only lead herself.

Then I read this familiar Psalm and I’m reminded when being a follower is the best choice; and alas it’s not the way I usually go.


When my soul is tired from all that drains and restless from cares I can’t seem to help but carrying…I have still waters beckoning and a God ready to meet me there to take my cares away.

When my soul is depleted from life and motherhood on the days they both seem to take more than they give…I have a God willing and able to restore my dry bones.

When my stubborn soul leads me down paths of self-righteousness, I have a God that cares enough to steer me back His way, in His righteousness and for His precious name’s sake.

For all the usual ways I prefer to be a follower, these words remind me instead Who I should be following and why. This Psalm reminds me when I should be following and how.

Always and in all ways my Father’s way is the better way and He’s always willing to lead, if I’m willing to follow.

Praying you and I both go this way…His way…more this year than ever before.


Thank you so much, Meredith, for your insight today!  Please go here and give her blog some love!

It’s so easy to think we have it all figured it.  It’s in those “valleys of the shadows of death,” {A.K.A. – our trials and hardships} when we learn to follow the steps of The Shepherd.

His way is so much better than ours.  His words need to be heard more. His touch brings the healing and restoration.  He wants to lead us beside still waters, if only we can find the time to be still.

How can we be better Christ followers this year?  Do we need to clean out our ears to listen more clearly to His voice?  Clean out our closets and get rid of some baggage?

Let’s release it all at the precious feet of our Savior and learn to follow Him.  He has great things in store for you! ❤

Join in the conversation below!  Has He led you through you beside still waters?  You can also join in the discussion here on my Facebook page!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

2 responses to “When it’s better to follow than lead. {Special Guest Post by Meredith Bernard on Psalms 23-24}”

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  2. Notes from my Bible Study Fellowship last night . . . “God’s way is still the only way.” Blessings to us all as we surrender our own ways and follow His ways. Love you, Meredith. xoxo


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