Trust in God, in spite of….. {Psalms 15-16 – Special guest post by Gary Jones}

This post is incredibly special to me for several reasons.

1 – This is the very FIRST time my hubby has ever shared in my blog! {Big moment!!}
2 – Did I say my hubby is posting??

I’m just a little excited. 😉

He is not only the best dialysis nurse I know, but he is my Pastor, my soulmate and my best friend for over 8 years. {I love you, babe! }

me and G 2

Without further a due, Gary Jones… ❤

————- Psalms 16-17 – Gary Jones ————–

Psalm 16:1
“Keep me safe my God,
For in you I take refuge.”

As I sit back today and read psalm 15-16, I reflect on my day which started at 5:30 am. I get my patients squared away and I go to my breakfast break. It’s a great time to pull out the iPhone and check Facebook and the news.

First off, terrorist attack in Paris. 12 killed, others injured and a massive manhunt for a couple of guys that were videoed walking up and down the street terrorizing people.

ISIS declaring war on our freedom and on Christians.

The Flu epidemic. Thousands infected, many have died.

Ebola. Massive outbreak in Africa with over 9000 deaths at this point.

Cancer diagnosis and deaths of so many that are close and dear to me.


And then this. A father in St. Pete. After being pulled over by a police officer, stops at the top of a bridge and over the bay. He gets out, pulls his 5 year old precious little angel and holds her to his chest and in one motion throws her over the side. 62 ft in the air. Throwing her little body into the cold, frigid water. 62ft below.

As a father I can’t imagine what kind of evil could posses a man to do something so purely evil.

I have realized that we live in a sick, sick, evil world. One that I can’t begin to comprehend how dark and evil that this world we live in truly is.

If I stopped here and said goodnight, it would be a very bleak post. However, Psalms 15-16 gives us a hope for “our” future. We as believers have a hope that is so much bigger, so much greater than any evil that dwells in this earth.

“Lord you are my portion, my cup, you make my lot secure.”

don't be deceived

Don’t be discouraged my friends. Don’t be deceived into believing He can’t take care of you. He loves you, and He cares. Trust in the heart of God, in spite of what you see and hear.


I love one of the last things that Gary said.  Don’t be deceived into believing He can’t take care of you. 

We serve a mighty, mighty God, y’all.  He hung the stars in the sky and knows every hair on your head, even if you’ve colored it so much you can’t remember the natural color.  Nothing catches Him by surprise.  Not even those painful, gut-wrenching news stories.

I’m so thankful for the promise found in Psalm 30:5.  Even though our mourning may last for a night, JOY comes in the morning!  You could substitute almost any word there.  Make this personal and insert your current situation.

Financial hardships may last for a night..”

The pain from infertility may last for a night..”

No matter how you fill in that blank, JOY comes in the morning!  Don’t be deceived into thinking God can’t take care of you!  He loves you so much!

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.  Encouraged today?  Learn something new?  You can follow the conversation here on my Facebook page!

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