First Day Jittters

Change isn’t easy.

Sometimes we go kicking and screaming. Other times we’re wrapped up so tight in bondage by our our fears of uncertainty.

As much as fear can grip us as adults, it’s magnified far greater in our children. Things that may seem trivial to us are Mount Everest mountain peaks to our babies. And we musts treat these fears with extreme gentleness.

Like today for example. First day jitters. They hit us a little early. This past week we have tried to gently bring up her new school and each time tears have met us head on.

“What if they’re not nice?” “I’m scared to go to a new school!” Anxiety filled her eyes and it was heart breaking.

Kendyl & I on our walk to school!

We shared last night in our family devotion time about the disciples, Jesus’ best friends, being afraid in the boat on the stormy sea. Yet Jesus was right there with them.

It’s ok to be afraid, but we must run to The Lord with our fears.

I pray you’re encouraged watching this video. My heart is exploding with the joy in knowing that God holds these darling little hearts and anxieties of our children. They are so precious to Him. He loves our kids even more than we do.

I don’t know what’s on your heart today, but I know God wants to meet you right here. Right now. Right at the heart of it.

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I'm just a wife, mom, and daughter of the King! Life Unscripted Ministries is just about living life by letting go of the steering wheel and letting God take control. Lay down your plans and desires at the feet of Jesus and see the amazing things He has for you! Watch Him speak through the little, day-to-day things in such powerful ways!

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