Prayers for my Husband, My Pastor <3

Ministry is definitely no cake walk, that’s for sure.  It’s filled with mountaintop moments surrounded on all sides by treacherous valleys waiting to swallow us up.  When we say yes to God, the enemy puts an instant target on our back.

Pray for your pastor daily, especially if he’s your husband.  The devil wants to put your man in a chokehold and try to make him wave that white flag of surrender.  He’s ready to destroy your marriage, your children and everything you’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into building for the kingdom of God.

I pray this video encourages you if you are in ministry.  Don’t give up – God has called you to do great and mighty things!

To close out this week, I’ve asked a dear friend of mine to share some of her heartfelt prayers for her husband.  They have served in ministry for 30+ years in various ways from pastoring to directing world missions for the Church of God traveling all around the world.  Who better to ask than one who has walked all around this world in ministry with her man!

“More than anything, I pray for his strength and wisdom.  But I always pray God would remove people from his life who don’t need to be there and place people around him who will lift him up and encourage him.  I also pray against depression because men in leadership of any kind battle this.  They worry about being able to ‘produce’ and feel insecure even though people don’t see that side of them.  That’s a biggie.  Those are the main thing I pray over him.” – Paula Hill

I pray you’ve been encouraged this week as we have prayed over our husbands!  They need our prayers, ladies!  Next week we will be talking about “Confessions from a Worn Out Mama.”  We will have a special guest post for Tasty Tuesday and Friendly Friday!  We have a great week in store!

Share with someone if this blessed you!

Live Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany

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