Be Intentional


I can’t get this theme out of my mind. God has burned these words into my heart these last few days. And one thing I’ve learned is that when He repeats Himself, it’s a pretty epic concept.

We’re busy people. We jump up in the morning and hit the ground running. Personal taxi driver to the kids, punching the time clock, homework helper, short order cook, and lover of our husbands.


Can I speak straight into those beautiful eyes today, mom? You were created for a purpose. You are more than your circumstances and favored above all by the King of kings.

I’m challenging us today – myself included. I’m tired of rushing here and there and everywhere. We don’t have five minutes to spare because it’s on to the next thing before the current thing has fazed out. Before we can leave church we’re already brainstorming our grocery list for the week and the house full of kids for the birthday party this weekend.

It’s time to be intentional.

So we get caught up in traffic in the construction zone on the way to work. Could it be that brief moment that seemed like an eternity at the time was preplanned by God to allow us to be in the drive thru line in front of someone who really needed a God-encounter? Be aware of your surroundings and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Paying it forward and taking care of that $3 iced coffee could completely turn someone’s day around.


Your kids’ friends that come and take up residence in your home on the weekends. Yes, the ones who make your basement smell like feet and dirty gym clothes. Love them. Allow the love of Christ to illuminate in your home and reach the dark crevices of their hearts. You have no idea the impact you will have on their lives.

That woman at work who always sits by herself at lunch. She always has her head down, slowly stirring her cup of noodles. Pull up a chair and get to know her. Look her in the eyes and show her the love of Christ.


Let’s be intentional today. And everyday. We have the life changing power of a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe. We can’t take this for granted.

I dare you. Ask God to open your eyes each morning to see the needs He has created you to meet. A listening ear, a warm hug, genuine smiles, a phone call, encouraging text or paying it forward. Whatever you do, be intentional.

Love deeply. Encourage often. Listen patiently. Speak softly. Give all you have. Don’t take a moment for granted.

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17

Share with us a time when someone went out of their way to show kindness to you! How did it make you feel? I can’t wait to hear from you!

Live Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany

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