Quite the adventure

What a week.. We willingly took 14 teenagers 12 hours away to Pigeon Forge, TN this past week.

Disclaimer: my eyes burn from exhaustion and my thoughts are fighting each other to come out correctly. Love me today. 🙂


We’ve rode roller coasters, climbed through God’s natural obstacle course in the river, laughed as some crazy ones braved the chilly water to swim, and worked as a team to navigate through the rapids white water rafting.



We have laughed until we’ve cried from creepy hotels, epic mouse chases and highway hub cap rescues.



But let me assure you – this wasn’t just a fun getaway. We dug in deep during devotion time every day on various topics such as family, things that hold us in bondage and what we want to do with our lives. We even broke into small groups for more one-on-one conversation. For many of our teens, this was their favorite part of the trip.


Sometimes we just need to get away and unplug a little. Step back from the norm and get a fresh perspective.


This trip brought new perspective for many of us and also encouraged us that we were not alone in the issues we face. We all have our messes, but thankfully God’s grace reaches from the darkest crevices of our hearts and transforms us into a new creation.

Wherever you are today, look around you. God has something just for you. It may be the contagious laughter of that sweet baby in your arms or running your hands through your loved one’s graying hair.

Don’t miss God’s love story He’s been writing for you.

It’s quite the adventure.

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