Shut the Front Door



We got home from running errands yesterday morning and our front door was wide open. Not cracked a little. Wide. Open.

I can’t believe I didn’t shut the front door to our apartment. The air was running full blast and toys were scattered everywhere just as they were when we left. The laptop was sitting on the couch and dishes piled up in the sink. We got home and my heart sank. I couldn’t believe I forgot to shut the door. I’ve had a to so list a mile long lately and now I’ve left our home totally vulnerable and unguarded.

It’s so easy to fill our lives with things we think are fulfilling and run around helping solve all the world’s problems. But when you take care of everyone and neglect your own house, priorities need to be readjusted before this train comes screaming off track causing bigger problems.

I’m terrible at over committing. I’ve been called Super Mom on many occasions and I just smile and thank them for the compliment. But basically they’re just admitting they don’t know how I survive doing everything and anything with my plate overflowing with “Oh yes, I’ll be there!” And, “Don’t worry, I’ll squeeze that in my schedule!”

God has been trying to get my attention and I’ve overlooked the fact that He has been putting up red flags in front of me. I’ve been forgetting things like crazy lately. Little things. Major commitments. My mind refuses to shut off even when my body has thrown up the white flag begging to surrender at the end of the day. I’ve been going like the energizer bunny and now my batteries are wearing out.

Sleep deprivation + over commitment + trying to be the Proverbs 31 woman + working part time + full time ministry = a recipe for disaster. We cannot give 100% in every area when we are involved with more than we can handle. Our relationships will suffer stress and our bodies feel the wear and tear.

I encourage you today to take a self inventory. Are you over committed? Do you, find yourself running from task to task from sun up to sun down with little time in between? It’s time to prune away the things that are weighing us down so we can be the men and women God has called us to be.

One of the enemy’s greatest tactics is overcrowding our plates. I pray we learn to discern when we need to decline offers that come knocking. We can’t be the PTA president, 4.0 honor roll, rocking body, Sunday school teacher, carpool driver, creative artist, culinary genius, birthday party junkie, and godly wife and mother. It. Doesn’t. Work. If God is giving you some red flags, don’t wait until you leave your front door wide open to have a breakdown.

Listen to the sweet whispers of your Father when he says, “Baby, you’ve got too much on your plate. It’s time to downsize before you lose your mind.” He knows what’s best.

Live Life Unscripted,

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