Jesus Prays Too!




Being out of town this last week, I’ll be honest – I’ve picked up my bible maybe once. Papa encouraged me to read Psalms chapter 18, so without hesitation I jumped in and read it.

One thing is for sure, when you’re hungry physically, you’re grumpy, impatient with people and feeling those hunger pains. Spiritually speaking, it’s the same thing. Your spirit desperately needs to be fed and you’ll be fully aware of that emptiness pretty quickly.

After a sleepless night, it wasn’t easy to get up early to spend some quiet time in God’s Word, but I knew it would refresh me. I didn’t really have a plan, honestly, so I started skimming through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John hoping to find something to chew on this morning. And oh did I find something worthwhile! 🙂

It’s Palm Sunday. Pastor Mike’s message last night challenged me to prepare myself for the upcoming week of Easter. So I find myself hanging out in John chapter 17 with Jesus praying. And honey, I’m clinging to every word that comes from his lips.

I love this so much because it’s broken down into three sections here.

1 – Jesus prays for himself.
2 – Jesus prays for his disciples.
3 – Jesus prays for all believers.

Jesus begins by praying for himself. He asks that God glorifies him so in return, he can glorify God. He is approaching the final days of his life and has almost completed the works that he was born to accomplish. Ask yourself this morning – if these are my final moments, have I accomplished what God has called me to do for Him?

Secondly, he prays for his disciples. His bros. His best friends. His ministry partners. He asks God to protect these precious men he has poured his life into shaping and teaching. He prays for their unity. He desires that they have HIS joy in their hearts. And he asks that God sanctifies (sets them apart and makes them holy) just as Jesus himself was sanctified. You who serve in ministry – did you know Jesus has your back? He loves you dearly and he prays to the Father concerning you.

Lastly, Jesus prays for all believers. His beloved children. He wants us all to be unified and connected. He wants the world to know we are loved by God. This part I am so in love with – Jesus wants us to be with him and he wants us to see his glory. Remember Moses on the mountain? He saw the glory of God and his face glowed from being in the presence of His glory! Have you experienced the glory of God?

Even Jesus knew the importance of taking time alone to talk to God. That’s where he was refreshed and equipped to do the will of his Father.

No matter what is going on in your life, know this – if you have surrendered your life to Jesus, he stands up for you. He prays for you and he longs for you to experience his glory. He wants you to never be the same. He wants you to have his perfect joy.

Whether you’re in full time ministry or simply trying to live a life that other people see a difference in your life at school or work, he sees your sacrifices. He holds every tear drop you’ve cried. He wants you to life a fulfilling life, but it’s only possible when you fully surrender to his will – just like Jesus did to his Father.

Live Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany

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