Reading in Luke chapter 24 today. There were two men who walked with Jesus down the road but they didn’t know who he was. They shared their grief with him but didn’t know if was the Christ they were grieving over. They said they had “hoped” he was the one to redeem Israel (verse 21). Hoped. They had hoped he was the one..

How many times do we catch ourselves “walking with Jesus” but don’t have a clue who it is we’re walking with? We walk the walk and talk the talk but don’t have a clue who he is! We’re missing out on the most amazing relationship of our lives! It says in Matthew 7:21 that not everyone who cries out Lord, Lord will enter into heaven. It requires much more than head knowledge. This is a heart matter.

Let’s desire more than just a menial stroll down the dirt path with Jesus. Let’s desire more than that and pursue deep passion to KNOW our God and Savior!

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