Bad day? Right there with ya. Crazy year? Say no more. Sometimes our life feels like we’re an act in the circus. We’re walking a narrow line on the tightrope trying to keep ourselves balanced while juggling so many commitments and responsibilities.

Funny thing about the new year is everyone is suddenly ready to change something. All these cutting edge diets emerge from Hollywood and people unite around the world trying to create the next YouTube video that will go viral and land them a seat next to Rachael Ray.

Why make another list of unattainable goals just so you can fall into depression two months later when all of them fall apart like a soggy cookie? Make your aspirations for the upcoming year more within your grasp. Start with small changes.

If smoking is what holds you in bondage, take it a day at a time. Cross off the days with a bold sharpie and celebrate the short term victories.

Want to read your bible through in a year but fail miserably once January’s page comes off the calendar? Take it one book at a time and highlight the books in the front of your bible so you see your progress.

Dying to go on a missions trip? Look around you. In your apartment complex and down the street. The people you work with. The cashier at the grocery store. Have you made time to invest in the lives that God has strategically placed around you? Who can you encourage today?

Don’t let another year go by and leave you scratching your head wondering where the time went. Make today count. You have less than 24 hours before tomorrow.

Don’t just sit there – DO something. Ask God to lead you in the right direction. Take a step of faith. It may unlock some of the doors you’ve been waiting on for years.

Living Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany

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