Seperate Yourself


I couldn’t help myself. The eggs were adorable. Lol


Lifeway ran a special on The Story bibles right before Christmas, so of course I had to check this thing out. It came very highly recommended, plus it the forward is partly by Max Lucado (one of my personal favorite authors!) so I had to see what this was all about. It’s like the major topics of the bible written in a novel-like form. It’s pretty neat so far.

The kids are still asleep (it’s now 7:38am) and I’m so close to doing a golfer’s happy dance, but that would chance waking up two feisty little people. Crisis adverted. I picked up The Story and began reading. I’m up to Genesis chapter 13 where Abram and Lot are traveling together out of Egypt with everything they had.

They come to an area between Bethel and Ai and find themselves in a pickle. Too much stuff, not enough space. Uncle Bob’s Storage was nowhere to be found so they had to improvise. Split up the party. Separate.

They had entirely too many possessions to be able to share the same living space. It would be like the entire Duggar family moving into a one bedroom apartment. With a few dozen cows and sheep. It ain’t gonna happen, buddy.

Sometimes we can’t understand why certain events unfold in our lives. A job relocates you, drama pushes someone close to you further away, and a gaping hole is left unoccupied. I wonder sometimes if it’s not God trying to show us a better way.

You see, He has a master plan for our life. We can be stubborn and stay determined to wear our favorite outfit from when we were 3-years-old even when we’ve obviously outgrown it, or accept change. Which can be hard. Difficult at first. And downright frightening. Did I say frightening?

There are times that God knows we are refusing to budge. That’s when He takes matters into His own hands and makes the right thing happen anyway. Like when you were sick and desperately needed the antibiotic and Mama had to trick you into taking it. Mama knows best? God’s been in this thing a little longer than Mama.

When change comes knocking, don’t dead bolt the door and hide under your bed. Listen. Wait. Pray without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17) It could be that God knows you can’t continue in the place you’re in. Growth requires space and nourishment. Look around. Do you see growth opportunity? Perhaps it’s time to cut the cord and see what God has in store. I’m praying for you. ❤

Living Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany

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