Merry Christmahannaquanza!


I’ll be honest, it bothers me that “Merry Christmas” offends people. You know what offends me? A LOT. For starters… Well.. let’s not go there. It’s safer that way.

Black Friday has quickly turned into Thanksgiving Day madness. The things we’re so grateful for at lunchtime suddenly aren’t good enough as we rummage through the phone-book-thick ads from the newspaper. The “holiday” trees are on sale earlier each year and “holiday” parties are all the rave with our ugly Christmas sweaters.

The world outside the doors of the church skims through the hustle and bustle of the “holiday season” each year as we sit idly by. When are we going to live up to our heritage as the children of the Most High God and make a positive difference in our communities? One person may not be able to change the world, but we can change the lives of those around us.

Don’t cease to open doors for people. Smile and say thank you. Genuinely. Make cookies for your local fire department and police station. Get your kids involved in a home grown charity. Bake fresh goodies and hand deliver them to shut ins. Sing Christmas carols at a nursing home. Make blessing bags for homeless people and share the gospel with them. You never know the deep impact of a kind deed.

We may not be able to change attitude of the entire world. But we do have the power of influence in people’s lives around us on a daily basis. We are given a set amount of time with a set group of individuals. The question is – are we making the most of it? Let’s not just get in the Christmas spirit around the holidays. I challenge you to take Jesus with you daily. Let’s transform our communities by being the hands and feet of Christ. I double dog dare you.

Living Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany

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