God has a sense of humor! <3

Somebody is excited!  #kaitlynelizabethaaron
Somebody is excited! #kaitlynelizabethaaron

(First off, let me apologize for it being a while since I’ve posted. These last few weeks have been jam-packed full of youth activities and sick kiddos. I’ve posted severals on my Facebook page though.)

The above picture is my “little sis” with my devotional CDs! She’s just as excited as I am! :0)

You can’t tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor. I mean, He took a little stinky shepherd boy and helped Him defeat the Philistine’s greatest warrior, Goliath, with just a sling and a small stone. He let a hooker be a part of saving Joshua and the children of Israel. Rahab let men in her home for a completely different reason this time.

God is God. Shocker, huh? And He can use anything He pleases to prove a point and get the job done. He’s a pretty creative guy. He uses things the world views as foolish and shames the wise (1 Corinthians 1:27). He takes geeky, curly-headed, jacked up girls and grabs hold of their hearts and sets them on fire for Him. He places people around them who can help them accomplish His will. He allows them to come face-to-face with larger than life dreams and aspirations, and He dares them to take a step of faith out of the boat.

Well, here I am. Taking hold of my Savior’s hand. I promised Him I would do whatever He calls me to do, even if that means doing it afraid. Let me warn you – don’t tell God that. Well, unless you really mean it or want Him to take you up on that offer. Because honey, let me tell you, He has been stretching me out of my comfort zone. Big time. See, I’m more comfortable being one of those people dressed in black in the background helping set up for the big event. I’ll introduce the speaker and even handle hotel reservations if you ask me to. I’ll handle fundraising, call volunteers, or take pictures. But being the one with the mic? O…M…G… My palms get sweaty, I get super nervous and talkative, and start mumbling “OMG” under my breath half a dozen times like a maniac.

But these dreams won’t stop. God has shown me over and over that He has a plan for my life that’s greater than I have for myself. He is taking me little by little until I’m comfortable in one area, then He ups the difficulty. First it was writing. That’s always been a joy and a breeze. Then a girl at church approached me about starting Daughters of the King, a ministry for teenage girls so I spoke some there. Then it was making Youtube videos as God spoke to my heart. Then speaking to our Saturday night service at church. And little by little, I’ve gained confidence.

I’m not saying I’m there yet, but I know that God holds us in the palm of His Almighty hand. He walks with us each step of the way. And now He’s opened the door for me to use things I’ve written in my quiet time with Him and record them as a devotional CD for moms. These things have ministered so deeply to my heart and I know these are God-inspired and straight from His lips. I can’t tell you how humbled and elated I am. This is such a great honor and I’m so grateful God uses imperfect people. As my husband says, “God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies those He calls.”

Beautiful, God isn’t looking for the star quarterback or the head cheerleader. He’s simply looking for a willing vessel. He’s searching for someone who will pick up their cross and say, “Here I am, God. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8)

Stop giving God excuses. Start stepping out in faith. Wherever you are. In line at Starbucks. At the hospital. Flipping burgers. Wiping squirming naked butts and snotty noses. Can I get an amen? He’ll lead you and guide you. He won’t show you the entire picture all at once; that would be too intimidating. He’ll give you a piece of the puzzle as you’re ready and He and all of heaven are there cheering you on! Ask God what you can do for Him. Disclaimer – you better be open minded. Don’t forget, we serve a big God! You can’t fail when the Creator of the Universe is on your side! ❤

If you’re interested in a copy of my first devotional CD, click the tab that says Stretch Marks CD and it will take you directly to the link to order. Thanks so much for your support! This would make a great gift for moms for Christmas!

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