Driving Kendyl to school this morning, it was monsooning.  The entire Tampa Bay area is even under a flood advisory.  And you were thinking I was a little dramatic with my “monsooning…”

But you know, I’m not the least bit anxious.  I proceeded with caution and drove my big girl to school as The Lorax entertained my blonde headed babe in the back seat with his orange fluffy humor.  (Cutest movie ever, by the way.  Everybody needs a thneed..)

Driving back home, I enjoyed the tranquility the rain brought as it poured over my Nissan Quest.  (Yes, the mighty soccer mom van, thank you for the reminder.  J)  I can’t stop smiling.  Luckily I was riding solo on the way home because I forgot to brush my teeth this morning and I’d probably run passengers out of the van into the flood.

There’s something about rain.  It will either make you wet and depressed or have you overcome with purpose.  I chose the second option this morning.  When I pulled into our apartment complex, I leaned back in the seat as the rain came rushing down the windshield.  I turned off the headlights and waited.
See, we’re pretty dirty people.  We walk through our daily to-do lists and pick up filth and funk along our journey.  Other people’s words and actions sting worse than bumble bees on a summer afternoon and others breeze right past us like we don’t exist.  We’re exhausted, overworked, underpaid, unappreciated and wore..slap..out..

The awesome thing about the rain?  It’s refreshing.  It’s a change of pace.  It makes you slow down and take in the world around you in a more observant way.  And the most amazing thing, it cleans off the mess.  You know, you always wash your car when you want it to rain.  It brings a shower almost every time.  The rain washes away the pollen, dirt, bug suicidal evidence, and debris you accumulate during the ride.

The funny thing is, as I sat in the van, the rain didn’t ease up.  On the contrary.  It got heavier and heavier.  As worship music played on the radio, I leaned back and closed my eyes with a big grin on my face.  I thanked God for second chances. I praised Him for consuming us with His grace and unending love that pours down and saturates us.

Sometimes we just need a light spring shower.  Other times, we need His overwhelming presence to completely cover us.  And honey, He knows.  He created us.  He knows our every need and heartbeat.  He formed us in our mother’s womb and knitted us together perfectly with desires and dreams and fuzzy heads.

Rain is such a beautiful thing.  It’s all about perspective.  I challenge you to embrace whatever comes your way today, and trust God to speak through the small things.  Let Him write your story.  Surrender the pen to the One who knows how the next chapter goes.  And even if it monsoons, put a smile on your face and dance in the rain.  The pain will wash away if you stand there long enough.  ❤

Living Life Unscripted,

❤ Brittany


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