Can I rant for a minute? I’m a pretty chill type, but sometimes things really get under my skin. Like, really.

Exhibit A – beautiful girls posting trashy things on Facebook. This actually applies to more than just Facebook. It includes talking filthy and acting like they’re proud to be labeled a B-word. Posting 15 selfies a day of the duck face and low cut shirts asking why their man keeps leaving them. Shorts pockets that are longer than their shorts, strutting past men. Blasting other girls for everyone to see and daring them to respond..

Can I tell you something from a 25-year-old’s perspective? When you post things like this and share it with others, you are lowering your value. Waaaaay lowering your value. It makes you come across as cheap, clingy, and easy. Or just plain trashy. Is that really what you want people to think about you?

Part of me wonders if it’s coming from a girl with self esteem so low, she’s trying to make people think she’s this tough, invincible type. But honey, you’re not going about it the right way. You’re giving off the wrong signal. Big time.

Cover up and play nice. God created you to be man’s other half. Not a sultry, scandalous drama initiator. Be proud of the beautiful, amazing, honest, and different woman God has designed you to be. He hasn’t called us to be the same as everyone else.

Hollywood has completely ruined us and our pure way of thinking seems to be a way of the past. Sexual innuendo is tossed around like it’s common conversation and it’s normal to have someone in your gym class standing in the locker room waiting those agonizing few minutes for the results of a pregnancy test. Where is our innocence? Do we even know what that means anymore?

Here’s a trend I’d love to see go viral – a mission for purity. Girls who are tired of the depressing statistics and want to be a model of modesty in the clothes they wear, their social media, and the words that come out of their freshly glossed lips.

Be different. Now that takes an incredible person with conviction and will power. It takes no effort whatsoever being the same as everyone else. I’m sorry, that’s just being honest.

My question to you is – what side of the fence will you be on when you’re exposed?

Living Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany

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