Bittersweet Cake


Bittersweet Cake

When the ball dropped and 2013 rolled out the red carpet for a brand spanking new year, I wasn’t partying. I wasn’t lit. Jesus highly recommends avoiding that lifestyle. Thankfully it was never appealing to me. I remember the moment very clearly, actually. My exact thoughts were – Oh my God, I’m going to hit 25 this year.

I’ll be honest with you, 25 has been stalking me for months now. It’s messed with my thinking. I’ve really been hard on myself. Part of me complains because I don’t have a college degree. I’m no dummy, but I wish sometimes I had attended college before starting a family. But I wouldn’t trade my babies for an Associates or Bachelors. I don’t have the rocking body that many girls in their 20s do. I traded that for rocking two little miracles and kissing boo boos. I may not be able to tell you what’s going on in politics, but I can sure tell you exactly where each of my kids are and what they’re doing based solely off of a muffled noise or whisper from the adjacent room.

This morning I woke up and had a pitiful attitude. I was sulking in the fact that for the first time, I felt like I had reached a monumental age and didn’t have much to show for it. See, most of the people I graduated high school with are well on their way in successful careers. There’s a few incredibly successful photographers living in big cities, nurses, teachers, and scientists. And I… Well…

I’m the wife of an absolutely incredible man who loves Jesus and puts his family first. I’m a mom. I have given birth to two little amazing gifts from the hands of an Almighty God. I have prayed passionately with tear-filled eyes for the ones I love and hold dear to my heart. Even though I grimace at their grammatical errors that cover Facebook on a regular basis and want to reteach them the English language. *cringe*

When the love of writing collides with the most astounding and precious whispers from my Savior, I pray to inspire people to live faithfully and pursue a relationship with the ultimate author of the world’s first love story.

My man and I are youth pastors to an awesome group of crazy fun loving teenagers who have completely stolen our hearts. My friend and I started Daughters of the King (DOK) as a small group for girls to come and have a safe haven to be able to share their hearts and not be judged. What started as just 10 girls has now grown to 27 girls from 6 different churches in Danville. This past week we just started a branch of it here in Pinellas Park with 8 girls and they’re so hungry for God and someone to rescue them from the stabbing pains of life.

I’ve had to remind myself that I may not be successful by the world’s standards. It’s not about what they think. Heck, the world and the uber religious folks crucified Jesus. He says we are not to love this world. We’re supposed to separate ourselves. Romans 12:2 reminds us, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable.”

Can I tell you something? My mind is feeling so renewed right now. I feel like God bent down, wiped my tears, cupped my face in His hands and whispered “Brittany, I love you. I AM pleased with you. You’ve chosen to pursue me while others have chosen to pursue things that will fade away like sand rushing through their hands.”

I want so desperately to fulfill every ounce of the plan God has for my life. I want more than anything to hear my Abba Father say to me, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

I may not know all the latests Hollywood drama, be able to tell the difference in Coach bag and the fake stuff, or tell you who’s running for senator. But this I know – I am running passionately after God. I’ve surrendered my life to Him and laid all of my dreams at His feet. Whenever, however, whatever, and with whoever He chooses, I just want to be part of it. It’s so true that He gives you the desires of your heart when you take delight in Him (Psalm 37:4).

My birthday wish is merely this. That you would accept this incredible calling God has placed on your life and chase that thing. Until there is nothing left inside of you at the end of the day and you have to go running back to your knees to be refilled with the living water only found in the Master’s hands. And get up the next day ready to hit the ground running with whatever He has for you. Live life unscripted. Give God the pen and watch Him write the most beautiful story and the whole world will stand in awe just watching..

Living Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany, A.K.A. "Proud to be 25"

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