Man, what a week. We spent last week in VA with family, came back the end of the week and jumped right into Vacation Bible School this week (VBS for you guys who were cool enough to experience this as kids!). Needless to say, it’s been an extremely busy two and a half weeks. Oh, and did I mention Kendyl’s homeschool curriculum came in the mail a few days ago? Yeah, we started that this week too. Lots of good stuff going on.

Did I mention I was exhausted? I can’t remember. Insomnia prevents one from processing general thoughts that typically come easy for normal people. The kids haven’t gotten in bed until 10pm or later all week and have been running like crazy chimpanzees all over the apartment (minus the disgusting poop flinging – oh that reminds me! Landon has been interested in potty training way earlier than I thought. So I’m working on that too.).

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Hah. I know. I laughed while typing that. On my phone. Hiding out in the bedroom so my family thinks I’m still in the shower. Hoping this trick works until they’re teenagers. Lol. If you’re a mom, you’re frequently in that state of mind.

Overwhelmed moms fill up Facebook with frustrated posts and confessions. They crawl into coffee shops gripping a cup trying to get some kind of fill up. Maybe a triple shot of espresso. Maybe just a ride to the bank. Alone. In the quiet. Without little people. *insert deep breath here* *don’t forget to exhale 🙂 *

You know one thing I’ve struggled with? The busier I’ve been these last few weeks, the less time I’ve been able to spend in the Word. That’s where I’ve screwed up. I feel inadequate because I am – in my own strength. I’ve attempted to fill someone else’s life without first receiving something being poured into me. I feel overwhelmed because I’ve tried to take on the world without arming myself against the schemes and tricks of the enemy.

I have made time for everything and everyone else except the One who deserves all my time and energy. He loves me so much and I can’t thank Him enough for putting up with me. I’m a crazy mess. Ask anyone in the children’s church room last night. Just don’t add Kim Ludwig, she has far too much evidence. On video. And Facebook. Oh dear Lord, what was I thinking?

We have so many distractions. You know them well. We live in such a fast paced society in 2013. I’m currently streaming music from Klove on my iPhone and typing this because the iPad and desktop computer are in the living room and I don’t want to disclose my location to the rest of the Jones family quite yet. Muahaha. (Sinister laugh).

We have so many things that can be such blessings and horrible disasters at the same time. Time wasters become time moochers that suck the life out of our families. Each kid has their own “device” (you can define that. It’s different for every family. iPhone, iPad, android tablet, iPod, leap pad, leapster.. the list is endless.). These devices have to come with us everywhere or there is mass chaotic confusion and anxiety. I don’t say that to point fingers. I say that out of personal experience. Our 17-month-old can be a monster without a movie player, phone or iPad sitting in front of him in the car and at restaurants. Bless his little heart. I know that’s what you were thinking.

We have let so many things come in and camp out in the space between us and the ones we love. They’ve replaced meaningful conversation with blank stares and “Huh? say what?” Think idols died out years ago? Better think again. I wonder if they’re worse today, honestly. TV shows that we can’t stand to miss. Working ourselves to death to make the kind of money we need to sustain our lifestyles that keep us away from our families for such long hours. Material things.

We’ve had some big storms this week in Clearwater. The first two storms completely killed our DVR box. It froze up when lightening hit and we lost everything. It was a total loss. There will be a memorial service held after Big Brother concludes. But seriously, it was actually kind of nice to have silence. Lots of it. You couldn’t hear anything but the storm.

Sometimes a storm comes raging and kicks the power to the things we value as important enhancements to our lives. Many times that’s the blessing in disguise but we miss it because we’re fumbling around and mumbling in the dark. Sometimes it takes complete darkness to see God. When you lose everything, suddenly you see His light shining through.

We need to power down and send our praises up. Unplug from everything else and plug ourselves into the ultimate power source. The verse that keeps replaying over and over in my mind is Psalm 46:10. “Be STILL and know that I am God.” It’s hard to be still when the world encourages us to keep moving. It’s something we have to be purposeful about. It takes effort. Are you willing to accept the challenge?

I vow:
– To stop texting during hide and seek.
– To put my phone away while I’m siting in the passenger seat and genuinely listen.
– To put my phone to the side when someone is talking to me.
– Not to let the tv or anything come between my relationship with God and my family.
– To realize that technology can be an awesome enhancement to my life, but also the biggest curse. And to know where to draw the line.

Living Life Unscripted,
❤ Brittany

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