Embrace It, Mama.


An ode to mothers. Embrace the moment you’re living, Mom. Know that you’re beautiful and amazing and God wants to teach you so much through your children.

Pardon me if I yawn
Or have a hard time following you
My days are long, nights even longer
Searching after keys, lost toys and shoes
My hair is a mess
But don’t distress
I’ve chosen to embrace this season
For angels grow so fast
These moments won’t last
So I’ve decided for this reason
To wipe every tear, nose, mouth and bottom
And kiss every boo boo away
Pray til I cry, laugh til I hurt
And cherish every single day
For the days become weeks
And the weeks turn to years
When they outgrow my lap
And empty nest will bring tears
But til then here I am
Exhausted, messy, chaotic
Rarely on time and stressed to the max
Take me as I am
Frazzled, but living and loving
Dare I think to relax
Because then here they come
Running straight to my arms
Knowing they’re safe from harm
Louder than loud
But, oh am I proud
To be hugged and loved by this crazy bunch
So sit down I will
With a yellow daffodil
As little ones bring me lunch
Prepared with darling fingers
I once counted so long ago
Feeling so unprepared and overwhelmed
In the late night light glow
Take in this moment
Wherever you are
And whoever you happen to be
Nothing is more important
Nothing brings more joy
Than being a mother, you see

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