Glow For It



Reading in Exodus this morning, I instantly fell in love with a verse and concept in chapter 33.  In verse 11, it says that God spoke with Moses, get ready now, face-to-face like a man does with his friend.    What an honor and amazing experience this must have been for Moses!   Could you imagine?  It just gives me chills all over!

When Moses went up on Mount Sinai a second time to receive the commandments from The Lord, he basked in the presence of the Almighty.    The cool thing about it, well other than the obvious – hanging out with the Creator of the Universe – is that when Moses came back down the mountain, his face glowed.   Because he spent time with the One who hung the stars, the Alpha and Omega, his face was shining from being in the presence of God.   And boy, were the children of Israel frightened by this.  Well think about it!   Man goes up mountain, man comes down mountain looking like a glow stick.   It’s not natural!

But my darling, that’s where God has called us.   To experience the supernatural on the mountain of God so that we can share our “glow” with this dark world.   The people didn’t have to wonder if Moses had spent time with God.   His face and demeanor made it bright and clear. He was changed.   Different.  Enlightened.

When we become satisfied, we become stagnant.  Fast.   And I’m not sure if you’re ever been around stagnant pond water, but it stinks!   Literally!   When the movement ceases, algae and other pond scum begins to grow on the surface.    Likewise, in our walk with God, when we stop seeking Him and walking with Him, we accumulate funk that gives off an awful stench to bystanders.   When we become satisfied with “religious” practices like just going to Sunday morning church to show off our new kicks, or just going to socialize in the lobby or roam the halls during service, we’re a prime target for pond scum accumulation.

There was an old cartoon I used to watch with my papa called Popeye the Sailor Man.   Popeye fans unite!   Anyway, Popeye was a sailor with his heart throbbing for this goofy looking girl, Olive Oyl.   Well this guy Bruto also crushed on the same girl and often would try to pick fights with Popeye, who would pull out a can of spinach, down it, and beat the crap out of him. But until he fueled up with that green leafy veggie, he wasn’t much good to anybody.  (I’m thinking this cartoon was created by a health nut who couldn’t get their kids to eat their vegetables.)  When we neglect, or may I go as far as saying when we avoid, spending time in the presence of God, we have nothing to offer those we come in contact with.  We’re like Popeye without his spinach.   Superman with cryptonite.   Wolverine after being declawed.   Not sure where the fascination with super heroes and old cartoons is coming  from this morning.   Hang in there with me a little bit longer.

One of the biggest tools of the enemy is overcrowding our plates.    When our schedules are overcrowded, we rush through our days checking off things on our to-do list making very little time for anything or anyone else.   So many times, the greatest ministry is right in front of our eyes needing to be fulfilled in our daily lives rather than church pews.   Not because it can’t happen in church, because there is so much strength found in being around fellow believers.  But because there are so many people around us who will unfortunately never walk through the doors of a church, but are dying inside to be shown kindness and love by someone.  Anyone.  Anyone who cares.   We are called to be the salt and light.  But to be these things, we must spend some time with the Son and be exposed to the Light.

Exodus 34:28 says that, “So he (Moses) was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights. He neither ate bread nor drank water. And he wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant, the Ten Commandments.”  He was so committed to his time with God, he refused to fill himself with things the world offered, even food.  He fasted and emptied himself of everything so that he could be totally focused on God.

Is there something that stands in the way of your quiet time with Jesus?   Facebook?  Twitter?  Instagram?  Hitting the ground running at 6am and not hitting the bed until close to midnight?   Somewhere in our crazy schedules, we’re going to have to make time to spend with the One who holds us in the palm of His hand.   We shouldn’t have to, we should want to.   The awesome thing is, the more you’re around the Light, the more light you give off!    Someone desperately needs to see you be His hands and feet right now.   Take a deep breath, focus, and boldly share the gospel and love of God today!

Living life unscripted,
Brittany ❤

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